Five Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Plumber

Five Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Plumber

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When you are hiring a professional plumber, you should make sure that you are hiring a professional. Even if you find a plumber, there are many questions that you should ask them before you hire them. Here are the five important questions that you should ask the plumber before you hire them.

1.Is the Plumber Licensed?

This is the most important question that you should be asking any tradesperson that you hire. Using a resource like TrustATrader will ask the plumbers about their licenses when they sign up, but you should still be asking for this information. You should not just take the plumber’s word for it; you should see all the licenses that they have.

There are many plumbers who are operating without being licensed. Licenses can help protect your home because the licensing board can make the plumber fix any problems that happen.

2.Is the Work done on a Flat Rate or Hourly Rate?

Most plumbers will have contracts that have clauses that state that the homeowner will bear any costs to complete the project. When you are getting the estimate, you should make sure that you understand if the labour cost is a flat rate. Flat rate jobs will avoid you needing to pay extra labour costs. Some plumbers will charge an hourly rate, along with the material costs. The problem with this is that the cost of the labour can cause the bill to double or even triple.

3.Is the Estimate the Total Cost?

Many professional plumbers will offer a free in-home estimate. You should be wary of any plumbers who give an estimate over the phone or by e-mail. Once the plumberhas seen the job, they will provide you with the estimate. When you receive the estimate, you should make sure that the estimate includes the cost of the labour, materials, and has a contingency clause if there are any problems. Some estimates may look good on paper, but will only include the cost of the materials, so the price will skyrocket as the work is done.

4.Who Will Be Doing the Work?

There are many plumbing businesses that employ many plumbers, which is helpful for large projects and when the business is busy. If you are hiring a plumbing company, you should make sure that you ask if the person giving the estimate is the person who will be completing the job.

5.When do You Want Payment?

You should always ask when they expect the payment and how much of the estimate needs to be paid upfront. Avoid plumbers who ask for the whole cost of the job before the work starts. Some plumbers will use the milestone system, which is where you will pay when a certain amount of the work is completed.

Hiring a plumber can be a very daunting task. However, it is a task that everyone needs to do at some point in their life, and using the right resource and website can help make sure that the one you find is one you can trust and rely on.