Five Phases of Home Electrical Construction

Five Phases of Home Electrical Construction

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You have purchased a land and now you want to construct a house. Building your own home is a lifetime achievement and every process of construction requires patience and expertise. Every phase of construction is related to the other that is why it is imperative on your part to have some knowledge so that you can take the right decision.

 Phases of Electrical construction

There are two parts of electrical construction, wet and dry.Wet phase is the first phase when your home is under construction and it is unprotected from winter, wind, moisture and snow. Whereas, the second phase is dry, it starts when most of the construction work is finished and the interior of your home is safe from snow and rain.

Let us take it systematic so that you can get an idea of it.

Temporary electric supply

When your house is under construction, there are several machines, which operate on electricity. Many times, it happens that there is no electric connectionso a temporary electric pole or wire is installed to fulfill the requirement.

In case, it is difficult to manage the temporary connection, than another alternative is to arrange a generator. The generator will fulfill all the requirements of the primary stage of the construction.

The rough in

The second stage is when you have installed windows and doors, but the floor area is not completed yet. This is the time electric box and wall studs are going to be fixed. Lights, exhaust fans are not fixed and the roofing work is still incomplete. Wiring related to security system, entertainment system is not installed and Prime Power Electric will take a couple of days more.

Modifications and warranty

At last when switchboards and lamplights are properly installed. You can check all your electrical appliances and make sure that they are working properly. This is the testing stage by doing so you will rule out the possibility of any error. Therefore, in case there is any fault during the wiring, it will show up.

Genuine contractors provide warranty period and you can ask for additions or any kind of alterationin electrical wiring during this period. At this point of time, you need to call the executive of Prime Power Electric and ask him to complete the work with great amount of care because the house is now occupied. You have family members and kids roaming in the house.

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