Finding A Good Dealer For Modular Homes in Edmonton

Finding A Good Dealer For Modular Homes in Edmonton

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When it comes to modular homes in Edmonton, finding the right builder is important. Finding a modular home builder is quite different from buying a new car or electronic item. It can be difficult to start the process unless you know a lot of people who have already constructed pre manufactured homes and can give you concrete advice on modular home companies. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to find the right dealer for you:

Look for a builder that is willing to carefully listen to your specific requirements and would not recommend unnecessary upgrades that could go beyond your financial capabilities.

Ask your prospective dealer if he can provide you with an estimate of cost and production time. A reputable dealer will be able to give you an accurate estimate on costs, inspections and construction schedule. Make sure to ask the dealer whether he can show you an example of estimates for their past work so that you can see how good he really is at planning, implementation, communications and execution. Check to see if he was able to complete the project in a timely manner.

It is important to choose a dealer that can give you an itemized list of costs that you will be able to take to a financial institution. To figure out whether the dealer will be able to produce this type of detail, ask to see a copy of their estimate. The estimate needs to be comprehensive and detailed, with relevant information so that he can give detailed documentation of expenses to a lender and safeguard your valuable investment.

Look for a dealer that enjoys a good working relationship with a general contractor. Ask your prospective dealer whether he can give you the details of the general contractor he is currently working with and interview them, too. A dealer’s primary job responsibilities include design, cost and order placement. A manufacturer that manufactures modular homes in Edmonton usually works with a team of general contractors who are fairly familiar with the building methods of custom home manufacturers.

When choosing a dealer that deals with pre manufactured homes, it is important to assess his reputation. A good way to evaluate the reputation of a dealer is by speaking with his past or current clients. Get a list of his previous clients and ask them some important questions:

How did you find the dealer?
Did you perform any background checks on the dealer before the selection?
Does he offer affordable prices?
Is he licensed or registered with the relevant authority?

There are a few other questions that you may also want to ask your potential dealer. So make sure to ask them.

Getting recommendations from people you know, like your friends, colleagues and family members, is crucial. They can help you locate a promising and reputable dealer. Word of mouth is always the right way to go when choosing these types of services. Thus, you need to carry out in-depth research prior to making any final decision.

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