Find a Small Business CA in Kolkata with UrbanClap

Find a Small Business CA in Kolkata with UrbanClap

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After demonetization and the complicated GST rule, I was afraid if I should start my own business. I had heard many horror stories of people losing their jobs and businesspeople were crying foul over the new tax regime which was hurting their businesses. I had been planning a small departmental store with fresh, organic and natural produce from the eastern Indian states. I gathered the courage to launch the business anyway, but I needed sound financial advice too. So, I started looking for a CA for small business in Kolkata. I knew that finding a CA online could be difficult, but I was willing to take the risk.

Finding the right man with UrbanClap

I was unable to hire a top-notch CA for my business because I had only just started. It was impossible for me to bear the cost of retaining a chartered accountant as while my revenues had begun to pour in, they weren’t strong. I was afraid that the cost of hiring a CA would widen the gap between my expenses and revenues.

I decided to look for a small business CA online but couldn’t find anyone who could help me do this. One day, I was looking for a carpenter for making office shelves when I heard about UrbanClap. I instantly downloaded their app and read raving reviews about their services online. The ratings for the app were good as well. I used their services and was quite impressed with the result too. On their app, I also got to know that they provide CAs for small business. I clicked on the tab immediately. I knew that I would be finding only qualified and licensed professionals on this app.

As usual, I was asked a few questions about my requirements. The first question was the age of my business, whether I was starting afresh or had an existing business. It then asked me the type of firm I was running, i.e., a private limited company, a one-person company, a partnership firm or a sole proprietorship. I clicked on sole proprietorship.

The app then asked me about the services I wanted for my business. As a new business, I was offered services like company registration, GST registration, ISO certification, PAN/TAN registration and other services like bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing. I needed all services, so I selected all options. Next, I was asked the kind of business I was in which I clicked on retail. The app finally asked when I wanted to hire, and I clicked on immediately.

The app then asked my location, and that was it. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes to answer the questions. I was already a registered user of the site as I had used carpentry services from UrbanClap before. The same day, I was contacted by three different CAs who could help me with my business. I was quite surprised to know that they were offering very reasonable prices for the services. I finally selected Mr. Sehgal from Sehgal associates. He not only helped me in setting my business up properly but also introduced me to the legal formalities that my business needed to complete.

My business is now registered for GST as well. I file all my personal and business returns on time, and I am not afraid of taxes anymore. I know that I have a great CA by my side who is genuinely interested in helping my business grow. I couldn’t have met Mr.Sehgal if not for UrbanClap. He helps my business in keeping costs low which is essential for a small retail businessman like me.

Why try UrbanClap?

The home services at UrbanClap are genuinely amazing, but their business services are even better. Whether you want to do a small office makeover or find a CA for your firm, you will get it all here. They have a great app that makes searching for the right people easier. I must suggest, it is one of the most beautiful apps you will find in Play Store. It has a great intelligent design which makes you type less and tap more, eventually saving time. The questions asked on the app are simple too and help you find the best professionals for your needs.

UrbanClap professionals are all licensed and have gone through rigorous background checks as well. This makes UrbanClap a reliable partner for small businesses. I have given a 5-star rating to the app. I am now a regular user of the app and keep booking different services for the home and office, directly from my phone. It never takes more than 1 minute now to find competent professionals and schedule an appointment with them. I hope they include more business services to their list soon. Try them to feel the difference!

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