Fencing Around and About: Requirements and Maintenance

Fencing Around and About: Requirements and Maintenance

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Envision this: the fairy-tale white fenced house that nurtures your dreams and family alike, seems like something that we all like to put in here the much needed secluded privacy and yes, you’re good to go. Your happy place all safe and secure from wild animals and nosy neighbours.

Here’s why a fence is quite the necessity these days:

1) Privacy

If one can afford a premium Red wood fence or even a Cypress or Cedar fencing around their house, then not only does it safeguard their private life from that of the prying eyes and eavesdropping ears of their neighbours but also it comes off as inoffensive as the wooden fencing adds to the natural ambience of the area.

2) Higher property valuation

Yes, that’s how the real estate works. If one looks well after their property and is keen on the security aspect then the piece is bound to gain good bucks for the fencing along with its keen maintenance.

3) Sticking to the standards

Well, if you live in a neighbourhood that is privy to certain rules and regulations about private security and fencing then you’d like to go through all the possible fencing options.

  • Chain link fencing
  • Welded wire fencing
  • Rabbit guard
  • Chicken wire (Poultry netting)
  • Electric fencing
  • Hex netting

However, in any way, wood fencing would be the best to go with in terms of look and feel.

4) Security from wild animals

If you live somewhere near the wilderness or close to healthy flora and fauna then there are chances of animals slipping in and skipping out of your beloved garden. It can get quite dangerous at times if the animals are unruly. Having a fence is the best way to fend harm away.

5) Maintenance

Pre-installation care is what helps you in the long run. Double coating it with wood varnish does the deed to begin with. You need to secure the base of the fences from the rot. Varnish protects the visible area of the wood but down below the ground what you need is a decent grovel drainage system.

Fencing has gone a way beyond the initial idea of protection and demarcation, now it serves as an ethnic addition to your backyard. If you are on a tight budget then you can also make use of shrubbery to create a natural fencing around your place and can get certain key areas fenced around. Try making it as personalized as possible. You can go for a complete DIY or take professional help from Woodspec for all your fencing needs.