Features that indoor surveillance cameras should have

Features that indoor surveillance cameras should have

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With increased marketing of home surveillance cameras, there are a plethora of camera options available for domestic customers. With so many camera systems to choose for, it could be a bit difficult to understand which one would suit their needs the most. It is worth noting that the features required to be in a surveillance camera for inside home would definitely not be the same as the features of the cameras meant for outdoor surveillance.

Thus, you need to know properly what exactly to look for while you buy monitoring camera systems for indoor surveillance. That will ensure that you spend your money to get the right thing as per your needs.

The field of view

This is one of the most important factors that need to be checked while buying a surveillance camera for inside home. The field of view of the camera would determine the area that would be covered by the lens and can be viewed at one go without tilting or panning the camera. The field of view varies as per the specifications of the camera. For interiors, the most preferable field of view is in the range of 130º to 180º as that will give an overall view of the room for better monitoring.

Video quality

To get better viewing of the people inside the room, it is important that the camera offers a good video quality. Modern day cameras that are for CP Plus client or other commercial and domestic use are equipped with high resolution video images. The common resolutions offered by most popular cameras are 1280×720 or 1920×1080.

Night vision

While this is more required in an outdoor unit, however, if the indoor camera has the feature of night vision, it would be an added benefit actually. Night vision cameras will let you see inside a room which is totally dark. This way, you would be able to understand instantly if anyone breaks into a room which does not have any lights turned on.

2-way audio

This is a very useful indoor feature which proves to be very handy while monitoring the children. If you can spot the children doing any mischief in your absence, you can scold them which they would be able to hear through the 2-way audio feature that the surveillance cameras systems come loaded with.

Motion and sound alert

When it comes to getting added security against possible intrusion, this is the most important feature that should be there in an indoor unit. With no one inside the house, the motion and sound alert feature will raise a notification even though the home owner misses to spot the intruder inside the home.

Easy setup and connectivity

Gone are the days of those tangled wired camera connections. Most of the surveillance cameras for home security these days are connected by means of Wi-Fi. This gives the benefit to the user that he can set up the camera anywhere as per his requirements. Switching the place of the camera also becomes comparatively easy with the Wi-Fi connectivity features of the cameras.