Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit

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If you already live in a hot climate you will probably already appreciate how useful, if not vital, an air conditioning unit can be.  Even if you live in colder climates you may still wish to have an air conditioning unit for when the sun does come out.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you maintain an air conditioner there will come a time when it has had enough and simple fails.  When it is no longer capable of the job you will need to start looking for a new one.  This can be a daunting prospect; the following tips should help to ensure the one you pick will do a good job and last for years:

The Supplier

The first step is to look at local suppliers.  Smile Heating & Cooling is a local firm, also known as Regina Air conditioning which offers a good range of quality heaters and air conditioning units.

Before you commit to any supplier you will need to verify the quality of the supplier.  In the case of Regina air conditioning you will quickly note that it has earned an excellent reputation on social media sites and forums.  These are usually the best ways to learn about any individual company.  Of course, non supplier can keep everyone happy, it is essential to assess the overall feeling and not individual cases.

You can also assess the quality of Regina Air Conditioning by the quality of the air conditioning units they supply.  A quality firm will offer recognizable brands and can be trusted to provide units which will last the test of time.


A quick call and maybe a visit to the Regina Air Conditioning offices will inspire you with the level of customer service available.  It should be fairly obvious that the staff enjoy their roles and actually like helping the customers.  By asking a few simple questions you will be able to gauge their level of service.


It is important to assess the warranty that a specific supplier is offering.  Most machines will arrive with at least a year’s warranty.  However, a good supplier will be able to extend this with an aftercare package which can make a valuable, cost saving difference.  

Alongside the warranty, it is worth checking the terms and conditions being offered by the supplier.


You should also look at the cost of the air conditioning units.  A reputable firm, such as Regina air conditioning will offer their units at a fair price.  Other firms may increase the price in order to make unreasonable profits.  It is advisable to obtain several quotes for your new air conditioning unit before you commit to any specific one.  This will ensure you are paying a reasonable price.

Finally, it is worth speaking to friends and colleagues to assess which firms they think is best to use.  But it is also important to go with your gut feeling, this is often a good indicator of the type of firm you can trust and that you are comfortable dealing with.  Once you have established that you can order your new unit and wait for them to be delivered.

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