Expert Tips When Liquidating Your Estate

Expert Tips When Liquidating Your Estate

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Holding an estate sale is the best way to liquidate a large number of household items. However, estate sales can be extremely complicated and overwhelming, and when the stakes are high, it can often help to turn to a reliable estate sale company to help support you through this process.

Here we have listed a few tips to effectively hiring an estate sale company.

  • Many home owners think that they need have everything organized and prepped earlier they interview an estate-sale firm. However, a good estate sale company will be able to do the organizational legwork and transform your space in order to increase the value of the sale. So, set aside the items you want to keep, and leave the rest to your estate sales firm.
  • Research the reliable estate liquidators in your area. Ask your friends, family members, or a local real estate company for recommendations of an estate sale company. When hiring an estate sale company, make sure to choose one who has listed services, photos, and listings from previous sales.
  • After short-listing a few companies for your estate sale, make sure to conduct a thorough interview and have a consultation at your house to assess the potential property and accountabilities may have.
  • Don’t preemptively throw anything away! What may look like junk to you could be a treasure to someone else.
  • After having a brief consultation, make sure to clarify what their insurance policy is and ask for the full details of staffing the company uses and their contract. After signing, if something in the contract modifications, you have the right to demand a new contract or leave.
  • Take pictures of items that will go up for sale and then post the photos on the estate sale site you choose to hire. For good pictures, hire a professional photographer.
  • Put up signs about the estate sale in your area to create buzz around your sale.
  • A very good indicator of professional conduct is accepting payment via credit cards than using cash or check.
  • Some firms will shamble unsold stuffs into their succeeding sale instead of making a assured charitable donation. Watch out for such dealings, and raise concerning this throughout the interview method. Most of the firms process the unsold items after the liquidation or estate sale to be donated.

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