Evolution of the Vintage Wallpaper Industry Over Time

Evolution of the Vintage Wallpaper Industry Over Time

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Talk about the evolution of fashion over time; you will sense that the era of 70’s witnessed a significant revolution. As the 2000’s came dawning on us, people started claiming that the era of 70’s comprising of geometrical patterns and playfulness with pastel colors, was boring and tasteless. But finally, in the later years of the 21st century, the fashion and the architecture of the 70’s entered the market. In fact, most of the structures claimed it as the most current decade.

It seemed that the architecture evolved according to the taste of the people such as hippies had their style; punk and pop came up with their modified version of the 70’s design etc. Thus, people started using the wallpapers to design it with the bygone era and termed it as the vintage wallpaper from wallpaperfromthe70’s. People began using pastel hues and the funky colors to do up the walls of their house and created a concoction of different geometrical shapes.

Pop and Funky Colored Wallpapers: Thus, the industry of home wallpapers evolved with the introduction of the bygone era. It was seen that the significant colors that were being used in the house decors were orange, yellow, brown or light green. Further, the floral designs or mandalas also known, as the psychedelic designs were a rage in the market.

Wallpapers of German Houses: Coming to the German houses, the white wallpapers and the wooden panels were widely used. By the end of this era, the wooden styled wallpapers started dominating the wallpaper industry. More and more pop colors took over the market. However, it was noticed that the vintage style wallpapers of the 70’s were not supposed to be put up in a Municipal place such as the public offices and municipal corporations. Thus, the wooden wallpapers were the savior in this case. Along with that, there was the introduction of pastel colors such as pastel yellow, pink, blue, etc. These were more of sober colors and were a perfect fit as the wallpapers in the corporate offices.

Personalized Wallpapers: Once this became boring for the people, people started coming up with wallpapers that suited their personality. For instance, a hippie came up with some Bob Marley quotes to be put up as the wallpapers. Or they started using Mandala wallpapers, which is a captivating sight for all the hippies. So this period witnessed the modification of wallpapers according to the different needs of the individual personality.


The main advantages of using the wallpapers for home decor was that the wallpapers increased the life of the walls as compared to the painted walls of the houses. Further, this option appeared cheap in front of the house painting option. It was an easier task to give a new look and feel to the house, and they were according to the taste of the individuals.

However, it was argued that it takes a lot of time to put up the wallpapers and remove them from the walls. But, this one disadvantage didn’t quite seem reasonable against all the other advantages of wallpapers. Go, give the vintage wallpapers a try and let the beauty unleash in front of your eyes.