Essential Details for the Perfect Aircon Servicing

Essential Details for the Perfect Aircon Servicing

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Is your air conditioning not working properly anymore? Have it repaired by a specialist. A well-executed repair ensures that you immediately enjoy your air conditioning again. To give you more insight into the costs of air conditioning repairs, we have mapped the costs for you.

What does air conditioning repair cost?

The costs for an air-conditioning repair vary from € 80 for a small malfunction to € 450 for replacing expensive air-conditioning parts. Every air conditioning repair is of course different, which is why it is difficult to give exact prices. View the cost schedule below for an indication of the costs.

Below you will find 3 price examples where the prices are further explained. For the aircon servicing singapore  this is important.

Minor repair

Does your mobile air conditioner have a small defect? The technician needs half an hour of work and does not have to replace parts. This small repair costs on average € 80.


Parts must be replaced during most repairs. Common repairs to air conditioners are cracks in the hoses or pipes. This type of repair costs on average between € 145 and € 210.

Major repair

Your bedroom air conditioner has been around for a while and needs a major repair. Sometimes it is necessary to completely replace the indoor or outdoor unit. A repair that the technician is doing for half a day and where many materials need to be replaced costs on average between € 300 – € 600. Always ask your specialist in advance what the estimated costs of the repair are. This way you decide whether you want to have the air conditioning repaired or choose to replace your air conditioning.

What does the price structure of repairing your air conditioning look like?

  • Cost allocation Air-conditioning repair costs
  • Choices that determine the height of the air conditioning repair costs
  • The costs for repairing your air conditioning are determined by the following 2 choices.

Choice 1: Maintenance contract

Have you opted for a maintenance contract when purchasing your air conditioning? In some contracts it has been agreed that certain repairs are included in the annual price. Check this in advance. Do you already have an air conditioner and do you want to prevent repairs or buy a whole new air conditioner ? Then consider concluding a maintenance contract.

Choice 2: Total price or a price per hour

You have the choice to agree on an hourly or total price with the specialist for repairing your air conditioning. The hourly wage of a specialist is around € 50 per hour and the average call-out costs are € 0.45 per kilometer. Would you prefer to agree on a total price in advance so that you know what to expect? Be as specific as possible towards the specialist so that the specialist can make a good price proposal. These are the options that you can have now. Surely the best professional company will offer you the best support. This is where you can have the smartest detail here.

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