Energy-Saving Home Renovations That You Will Love

Energy-Saving Home Renovations That You Will Love

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Reduce your energy consumption by choosing renovations like energy-efficient window replacements, additional insulation and smart thermostats. If you’re wary about committing to these major changes, read ahead to see what exciting financial incentives can help you along the way.

It’s understandable to be worried about the costs of these home improvements because they are not likely to be cheap or heavily-discounted. There is one solution that will stop you from feeling like the costs of saving energy are too steep — the provincial government has created The Green Ontario Fund to reward homeowners for getting renovations that limit energy waste, reduce greenhouse gasses and combat climate change. The program gives rebates to homeowners who get energy-saving home improvements like high-performance window replacements, additional insulation and smart thermostat installations.

New Windows:

Old and drafty windows will promote the waste of heating energy during colder times of the year and air conditioning during warmer months. Energy-efficient windows will use low-emissivity glass, weather stripping, warm edge non-metal Super Spacers and sturdy frames to create superior seals and stop unwanted air from sneaking inside. You can get these premium vinyl replacement windows from a trusted company in the Greater Toronto Area like Casa Bella Windows & Doors — they are a participating contractor with the program, so any homeowner that uses them for the installations is eligible for rebates. The fund gives out $500 per window replacement, offering a maximum of $5000 for the renovation. Visit the dedicated company’s official website to learn about the window rebate program before browsing the pictures of the styles and sizes that you want, so that you know all of the qualification guidelines and specifications ahead of time. There are many benefits of installing new energy efficient windows.


This renovation will dramatically increase the thermal retention of your home, especially when it’s added to every corner of the house — people often forget about areas that they use primarily for storage, like attics and basements. The most important thing you need to know about home insulation 101 is that it should have a high R-value, which measures the heating capabilities and the overall efficiency of the product. The provincial fund offers a maximum of $1500 for updating your attic, $1900 for the basement and $3800 for the exterior walls.

Smart Thermostats:

Most homeowners waste energy with their thermostats because they don’t program them properly — on the other hand, smart thermostats save money on energy bills and limit consumption more effectively because they don’t rely on guesswork. The technology automatically adjusts the indoor temperature depending on your schedule, your activity and the weather outside. Homeowners can receive a $100 rebate from the Green Ontario Fund if they buy one of the more reliable models.

Replacement windows, insulation and smart thermostats are not just smart renovations for Ontario homeowners, they are investments. These will improve the functionality of your home, the numbers on your monthly hydro bills and even the world around you. Committing to these changes will be personally, financially and environmentally beneficial for years down the line.

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