End-Of-Summer Cleaning For The Home

End-Of-Summer Cleaning For The Home

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Summer is coming to a close, and it’s soon to be back-to-school season. The fall gets busy quickly with the turning of the leaves, and it feels great to refresh your home with a seasonal clean to prepare. You don’t have to say goodbye to warmer weather quite yet, but you should say farewell to the sand and clutter that has been building up all season. You’ll be happy you took care of these things now.

Give your outdoor furniture, patio set, and other backyard decorations a cleaning. It’s easy enough to spray them down with a hose – but grab a cloth and an all-natural cleaner to scrub off the built-up dirt. Dab cushions for a spot-cleaning, or if they have removable covers, throw them in with a load of beach towels that have been well-used and possibly only hung to dry over the line or a chair the past several uses.

The barbeque is a neglected appliance, so give it some care by following HGTV’s BBQ deep cleaning steps. Replace any parts that are past their prime. Warm up the grill and scrape the thicker layers of built-up grime and char, then scrub the grates with a wire brush. Turn the heat off, and once cool, remove the grates, soak them in warm water, and scour with a sponge. Wipe down the exterior of the unit with a cleaner that works well on grease. For a bonus, give it a shine with a stainless steel cleaner and polisher using a soft cloth.

If you’re returning from vacation, you’ll want to collect up all the mail that has gathered (or retrieve from a friend who graciously offered to help out while you were away). Remember not to throw out anything with personal information on it. While you’re in cleaning mode, it’s a great time to go through your old files and devices and properly dispose of them along with the mail. Call mobile shredding services to assist you with safe and secure shredding, electronics crushing, and recycling. It’s easy to pile these things up and shove them into a closet, but not only does this take up valuable real estate, but it’s a security risk!

Humidity builds up in during the sweaty summer months, and if you don’t have an adequate dehumidifier, the walls, ceilings, and behind furniture can collect moisture and mold. Give these surfaces a wipe down with a gentle cleaner and move furniture away from the wall to access places where mold can build up.

Give your hardworking fans a wipe down. Unplug any unit before disassembling. Unscrew the protective grates and wipe them down along with the fan blades. It’s good to do this again once it’s time to pull them out next year so you’re not blowing dust and debris around the room.

Finally, give the floor, carpet, and area rugs a much-needed vacuum to get all of the sand and tracked-in dirt from summer fun. You’ll be surprised how much of the outdoors falls in between couch and chair cushions and under the bed, so be sure to use the wand and crevice tools for these.

Now you’re all clean and set for whatever fall brings in!