6 Excellent Features of Electric Torque Screwdriver That Make It a Great Choice for Industries

6 Excellent Features of Electric Torque Screwdriver That Make It a Great Choice for Industries

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Tools are the basic requirements in all kinds of industries. Among the many available industrial tools, an electric torque screwdriver is a very crucial need in industries where fasteners are used for assembling a product. Since such a tool is error-proof, can increase assembly production, ensure that fasteners are screwed perfectly, and made for repeated assembly applications, their significance in industries cannot be stressed enough.

If you are wondering whether you should buyan electric torque screwdriver, read on to find out their best features, which can help you decide if you should actually purchase one.

Torque Control

The best feature of this kind of screwdriver is its torque control feature. You can modify the torque (which means the rotating force) of the electric screwdrivers to get the required lesser or greater control. Heavier and bigger screws will require more force than the lighter and smaller screws. This torque control feature will make the screw heads to flush with the surface.


The different screwdriver speeds give you greater control, which helps you adapt to various kinds of screws and materials. Almost all electric torque screwdrivers have a reverse action feature to remove the screws if required.

Handle and Spindle Lock

Generally, there’s a soft or rubberised handle to provide better grip. This comes handy for sweaty hands or tougher tasks. Many of these screwdrivers also come with a spindle lock that lets you lock the mechanism so that you can also use it like a manual tool.

Drill Driver

This is a great feature if you are looking for a screwdriver that not only drives down the screws, but also drills. Drill driver can fit screwdriving bits as well as drill bits to do both the functions. This could turn cost effective in the long run.

Impact Driver

This is a very powerful feature of electric torque screwdrivers. This feature is best suited for big screws and to remove damaged or rusty screws.

Extra Accessories

Electric screwdrivers also come with extra accessories like screw bits and carry cases. Few also feature lights for guiding in dark corners and automatic screw feeder. You can either opt for a mains-powered corded screwdriver or battery-powered cordless one. The former one is more powerful than the latter, but it’s not that convenient to reach out-of-the-way areas. On the contrary, battery-powered cordless models are more powerful than their corded counterparts. So, the decision to choose between the two depends on your needs.

Now that you know how beneficial the features of electric torque screwdrivers can be, it’s time for you to evaluate your needs and opt for the best choice. If you are planning to buy one for domestic use, you can analyse if you really need it, but if you are wondering if you should buy one for industrial use there should be no second thoughts about investing in one of these wonderful power tools.

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