Dos and don’ts of cordless blinds – Tips to properly take care of them

Dos and don’ts of cordless blinds – Tips to properly take care of them

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It might seem really insignificant, but it is also true at the same time that intuitive design can eliminate the little headaches of life which lead to unnecessary frustration and stress.

Did you ever find yourself in a mess when you tried to move a blinds cord from one side to another when you wished you could adjust it? Well, the basic way to operate is not always a huge challenge and this is why there have been invented alternative to these blinds which are totally cordless.

The cordless window treatments, whether blinds or shutters, have got a definite lift mechanism which is located either in the bottom rail or in the headrail.

The user then finds it easier to operate through lowering and lifting. If you’re someone who is all set to purchase cordless lifts from online stores, you should first get to know on the dos and don’ts so that you don’t unknowingly spoil them.

When is the right time to opt for cordless lifts?

  • When you have kids and young pets at home

You never know when your toddler makes the blinds his magic thing or when your kitten falls in love with the blinds and makes it its pastime. Unless you’re properly supervising their activities, you may end up spoiling your blinds.

This is why cordless blinds are a better option when you have children and pets at home. You can go for cordless roller shades, cellular shades and also for plantation shutters.

  • When you have walls with several windows

Does your home have several windows which have a wide array of sizes and shapes? If answered yes, the cordless blinds will help you in adding a uniform and systematic look to your room.

When you fill your room with uncomplicated hardware, this will give an illusion of clean lines and you can even adjust the shades accordingly.

  • When you have focal windows

If you have windows which you use as the main focal point of your room, you can create clean lines by adding cordless blinds or shades. When these blinds are raised, the cordless blinds are just invisible as there will be no hanging cords which will get in the way of the beautiful look of your room.

When should you reconsider choosing a cordless blind?

  • When you have wide windows?

When there are wide windows, there should be continuous cords, especially for the shades which are more than 120” wide. This system distributes the weight of the blind to the cord for a lighter operation.

  • When the windows have furniture behind

Due to the fact that cordless shades are lowered and raised by moving the bottom portion of the blinds, the experts from selectblindscanadadon’t recommend cordless for the situations where the bottom portion of the blind faces an obstruction.

Therefore, whenever you are wondering about the ways in which you can take good care of your cordless blinds, you can take into account the above listed dos and don’ts.