Doing a Home Inspection: Selling Your Home for Cash

Doing a Home Inspection: Selling Your Home for Cash

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At some point, every homeowner is faced with the frustration of home repairs. Some home repairs happen in an instant such as an HVAC breakdown, while others happen slowly over time such as water damage. If you are in your home and spot water spots in the corners of your home, there is a very good chance that this is a leaking problem with your roof that has grown worse over time. If left unattended, water issues only get worse, leading to mold growth and eventually an unlivable home. That is not recommended and water damage doesn’t just go away on its own. If the reason is that you just can’t afford to fix the roof, there is another solution that you can take that will save you time, money and mental stress.

While a leaky or outdated roof can make it almost impossible to sell your house the conventional route, there are preferred cash home buyers that will buy your home as-is so you won’t have to fix the roof, they pay all cash so you don’t have to worry about banks getting involved, and they can close quickly, usually within 7-10 days so the water damage won’t get worse

If you haven’t noticed water damage yet, that’s a good thing! There are a few ways to protect your roof and ensure you won’t have future leaks:

  • Get a regular roof inspection – This is the best advice for any homeowner. Much like you get a yearly physical for your health, you should also get a yearly inspection on your roof. Yearly inspections can help stop issues before they start.

  • Check your roof flashings – 90% of all roof leaks occur at or near the flashing as most of the water is funneled off the roof via flashing. Without good, tight flashings around chimneys, vents, skylights and wall/roof junctions, water can enter a home or building and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and electrical systems. 

  • Maintain gutters and downspouts – Water escapes your roof via gutters and downspouts. In winter months, if your gutter are not clean, melting snow and ice can create an “ice damn” making it impossible for water to escape. When water backs up under the shingles, it can easily seep into the interior of the home. If you make sure that gutters and downspouts are clear and maintained, you can avoid these issues.

  • Keep trees/bushes trimmed – Trees hanging over your roof can pose a few issues. 1. The closer bushes and trees are to your home, the more likely moss and algae will grow on your roof. 2. Overhanging tree branches are likely to scratch roofing shingles. When tree branches scratch the surface of your roof, holes are created in the shingles, allowing water to get into your home.

  • Replace damaged shingles – If you notice a damaged shingle, the best thing you can do is replace it immediately. All of your shingles overlap, which means if 1 is damaged, it can have a residual effect on your roof’s foundation. Replacing these shingles can protect your home from further issues.

If you don’t have a leak or water damage, these 5 tips are great ways to ensure you won’t have those issues. If you do already have these issues and the water damage or cost of the roof is too overwhelming, consider finding an accredited we buy houses company that can help you in these difficult and stressful situations.