DIY Injuries & How To Avoid Them

DIY Injuries & How To Avoid Them

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Now the summer weather is behind us and the garden home improvements are put aside for another year, some people begin to look at indoor home improvements. Unfortunately, there’s still a growing number of visits to A & E from people with DIY related injuries. Although we can’t cover all injury types we’ve found some of the most common ones are showcased in the infographic from Westfarm Windows in Glasgow.

It doesn’t take much to injure yourself when taking on DIY tasks around the home, but prevention is certainly better than cure. Did you know that alcohol plays it part in as much as 30% of DIY injuries? So with that knowledge in mind, be sure to save the well deserved alcoholic beverages until the project is complete.

Many injuries can be avoided with the right preparation and safety measures, like wearing safety glasses, securing ladders in place and wearing the right clothing. The infographic below outlines some of the most common DIY injuries and how to prevent them.


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