Dirtiest Parts of Your Home

Dirtiest Parts of Your Home

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Cleaning your home regularly is important, we all know that. Not only because it looks infinitely better when it is clean, but also because the bacteria and other germs which live off of filth cannot breed and cause us health problems.

But have you ever wondered which parts of your house are the dirtiest? If your mind jumped to your toilet, good guess, but not even close. Toilets are designed in such a way to be constantly washed and sanitized.

Cleaning professionals at Mythical Maids of Berkeley tell us more about the places you really need to pay extra attention to while cleaning.

Your Kitchen Sink

Even if your mind is telling you that your kitchen sink is pristine and clean, because, you know, it’s your kitchen, just remember what actually happens in the kitchen.

This is where you dump all of the uneaten food, especially raw meat and fish which can attract a lot of bacteria fast, and not the kind of bacteria you want near your family, either.

Thoroughly wash your sink at least once a week, especially if you have a garbage disposal installed.

The Sponge

Staying in the kitchen for a moment longer, your sponge needs to be changed regularly. If you fail to comply with this simple rule, sooner rather than later, your sponge will start to smell bad, and no amount of dish soap will be able to mask it.

And you don’t want to mask this smell, because it is the byproduct of bacteria growing on it. Get rid of it and buy a new one.

Light Switches

I bet you didn’t even think of those little things as ‘a part of the house’. However, they get so much use, and so little attention while cleaning that it creates a perfect storm of favorable conditions for germs.

Fortunately, they are not difficult, nor complicated to clean. Simply take a cloth soaked in dish soap and some vinegar, and the stains will come right out and they will be germ-free for a while.

Computer Keyboard

Chances are you use your computer at home. Even though the research shows that most of us spend our online time on smaller electronic devices, like phones and tablets, we still use computers with actual keyboards when we want to do something important.

However, having physical keys means that there will be various particles of dirt stuck in between them, not to mention the standard ‘touched by fingers which are not always clean’ kind of dirt.

If you want to clean your keyboard the best you can, unplug it, wipe it down with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and water solution.

Oh, and wait until it has dried properly before you plug it back in.

Toilet Handle and the Toilet Paper Holder

As we mentioned before, the toilet itself is generally going to be cleaner than you expect it to be.

However, there are other parts of the toilet which you may not have thought about which get quite a bit dirty and are rarely cleaned. Your toilet handle and the toilet paper holder being the prime examples, but by no means the only ones.

Cleaning companies know what to do to actually impress their customers who would have never thought of it.

Shower Curtains

Bathrooms get plenty of moisture, and that is one of the prerequisites for mold growth. Combine that with an undisturbed environment, like the tops of your shower curtains, and you have the full set of ideal conditions.

Always remember to spread the shower curtain when you’re done using the shower, and ventilate the room properly. Shower curtains are not the only place where mold can grow, but it sure is one of the best.

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