Different Roofing Materials – Factors to Consider for Roof Replacement

Different Roofing Materials – Factors to Consider for Roof Replacement

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The kind of roofing materials that hold up well in the Canadian climate are –

Asphalt Shingles

Shingles are easy-to install and comparatively inexpensive. For Calgary homes, asphalt shingles are not expected to survive the weather to its full warranty period.

Concrete tiles

It is a solution, which can stand Canadian climate. Concrete tile is long-lasting but you will need to consider the extra weight with respect to home’s sturdiness.

Metal roofing

Expensive metal roofing is getting popular slowly around Calgary. It is strong and durable but needs proper insulation. It can rust, if not maintained properly.

Wood shakes

When wood shakes are new they look appealing but Calgary’s arid climate dries the wood, so they crack. Therefore, Calgary roofing contractors suggest rubberized or fibreglass shingles for obtaining the similar aesthetic look like wood shakes.


Slate is very expensive, extremely heavy, and highly durable. To use slate material for roof, your home needs to be designed specially to deal with the weight. Rubber roofing is a lighter and affordable option that can be styled to look like slate.

Rubber roofing

Best roofing option for Calgary homes. It is affordable and available in different designs and styles. Rubber roofing is hail-proof and has good lifespan.

Factors to consider for roof replacement

Water damage or moisture signs

Once water seeps beneath the roof shingles, it never stops. With a powerful force, it causes serious deterioration and even health issues. Browning spots on ceiling, mold, or peeling paint then roof replacement is best option instead of repair or patch.

Recent disaster

Current tornado or hurricane hit Calgary neighbourhood causing extensive damage like misaligned roof means total roof replacement.


Your roof is only five years old and is leaking. This displays poor installation quality or defective materials instead of normal wear & tear. Alternatively, a roof 20 year old experiencing deterioration in couple of areas is actually nearing its lifespan, so needs to be replaced.


A slate roof can last for 100 years, whereas metal roof passes its prime in eighth decade. Asphalt shingles are designed to last for 50 years with appropriate maintenance.

Roof replacement is a large investment. Therefore, contact experienced Roof Repair Calgary services to get a quote.