Different between Solid Hardwood Flooring and Engineered Flooring

Different between Solid Hardwood Flooring and Engineered Flooring

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In case you are looking to make your home look warm and beauty the best thing that you can opt for is proper hardwood flooring. Nothing really compares to genuine hardwood floors as far as these qualities are concerned. Both solid hardwood floors, as well as the engineered ones, are made from 100 per cent wood. There is nothing fake about them. However, as far as construction is concerned there are some significant differences between both. Engineered wooden floors normally behave in a way that is quite different to the solid plank floors. They are normally much easier to install and compared to solid hardwood are much cheaper as well.

The matter of equality

However, it would be a mistake to think that solid hardwood flooring has been created the same way as engineered wooden floors. It all depends on the type of wood from which your floor has been made especially with regard to performance. When you are able to understand these differences you will have far better ability to choose a wooden floor that would be right for your home or office or any other space where you choose to install the same.

Differences with regards to making

Solid hardwood floors are actually made from solid wood. Each board of such a floor has been created from one piece of hardwood that has a thickness of around 3/4th of an inch. It is this thickness that allows you to sand down such flooring and refinish it as long as the floor is there in your house. On the other hand, engineered hardwood floor has a certain amount of versatility and resilience as an option for flooring. You can easily install it in just about any area of your home. This one is made of genuine wood as well.

The benefits of engineered wooden floors

The biggest benefit of wholesale engineered flooring is that when you install the same your home gets an updated and contemporary look. Engineered hardwood is normally made from a plywood or hardwood core. On its top surface, it has a layer of hardwood veneer. Compared to solid hardwood it offers greater resistance to elements such as heat and moisture. Solid hardwood normally expands and contracts in accordance with changes in temperature and moisture. This is the reason why experts would always tell you to get these floors in case you are living at ground level or above.

The unique thing about engineered wood

Engineered wood is unique in terms of construction. It creates a structure that in all likelihood would buckle less and lesser gaps would be created in it. It would also react far less to changes in heat and humidity. No matter at which level you are staying you can always install engineered hardwood. You might be living below the ground but it would not really matter. As far as bathrooms and finished basements are concerned it happens to be a great choice indeed. Both these kinds of floors are designed so that they look good and last long.         

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