Dekton: The Unique Advantages

Dekton: The Unique Advantages

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Although the product name suggests something space-age and science-fictional, Dekton is actually a material produced from natural quartz. It’s quartz perfected through technology! Dekton worktops are made with a manufacturing process using sintered particle technology. In effect, the natural stone is compacted to a greater density than it is ever found ‘in the wild.’ By processing natural materials with the latest technology, we get the benefit of an almost indestructible worktop material!

A Wider Range

Dekton allows designers to fully customise worktops to any dimension. Because of its manufacturing features, it can be made in larger continuous pieces than quarried stones like marble or granite. Dekton is perfect for larger kitchen islands. The material also allows for smoother, thinner surfaces than traditional stones. Dekton is thus ideal for ultra-modern aesthetics. A countertop layout that would require multiple slabs of natural stone and unsightly seams between them can be executed in a single, seamless piece with Dekton. The smooth, unbroken finish of the manufactured stone is impressive. Dekton worktops are even easier to fit thanks to their thinness and lightweight.

An All-Weather Surface

The compression and resin bonding steps in the Dekton manufacturing process produce a surface that exceeds natural stone in durability. Dekton is specifically highly resistant to UV light. It makes an ideal counter choice in an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. Dekton is also dimensionally stable and easily holds up under freezing temperatures and wet weather. Install an outdoor worktop that will survive the British winter with flying colours and minimal maintenance!

Unbelievably Tough

While it’s always a good idea to use chopping boards in your kitchen, if you have Dekton worktops, you’ll be doing it to protect your knives rather than your counters. The material comes in either matte or polished finishes, but both feature the same high-density surface and resistance to damage. Dekton counters are perfect for busy family kitchens where your surfaces need to stand up to rapid-fire abuse.

Forget About Staining

Thanks to the way in which it is manufactured, finished Dekton is not at all porous. The compacted surface of a Dekton worktop is entirely non-absorbent. Household cleaners, food residues, chemicals, and liquids of every sort will roll off harmlessly. Dekton is also a superb material choice for counters in bathrooms thanks to its low-maintenance hygienic properties. Dekton is completely water-resistant. It needs less attention and fewer treatments with abrasive cleaners to keep it spotlessly clean. Let your bathroom be a relaxing place instead of the site of constant cleaning challenges!

No Maintenance

Durability is always a top concern whenever our customers are considering stone worktops. Every natural stone needs some significant help to perform its best. “Granite, marble, and other such stones must be sealed for their own protection after they are installed,” says Zen Stone. This seal must be renewed from time to time to keep natural stone looking its best. This is never an issue with Dekton surfaces! They never need refinishing or resurfacing.


Dekton is available in the same broad spread of grains and hues as natural quartz. It is just as uniform as quartz, but its long-term performance in terms of colourfastness is more impressive. Because it is a manufactured product, the precise grain appearance of Dekton can be guaranteed prior to installation. You’ll get a consistent look wherever you use Dekton, no matter how big or small space is. Dekton’s versatility even opens up the option of using multiple colour tones without varying your materials. Try different shades for worktops, islands, and splashbacks! Dekton’s uniform appearance allows designers to work new creative wonders with the stone.

Financial Considerations

All the amazing abilities of Dekton do not come free of charge. The cost of the material is generally comparable to other manufactured and natural stones. Remember that Dekton’s unbeatable durability plays a role here: A Dekton worktop is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase – literally!

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