Decorative Ideas With an attitude

Decorative Ideas With an attitude

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See some decorative ideas for small or large interventions that escape stereotypes and can change the image of a space.

  1. Bedside can get a new look and style with a piece of mirror. Invest the surface and the drawer with two pieces of mirror (you will order it in the dimensions of the furniture). Stick the pieces with the special mirror glue directly onto the wood. A new color, and a crystal knob will transform it completely!
  2. Do the door of the entrance door need freshness? Ride a bit of the usual (the shades of wood) and dare to paint it with a more dynamic shade. A dark gray color will give it a new industrial “character” and a more contemporary look.
  3. Put on the simple bathroom shelves a retro touch with a frame. Measure the dimensions of the old picture frame and buy the shelves in the inside dimension of the frame. You need four more pieces to “close” the shelves around and tie all the items together. Paint them in a pastel shade that suits this style or even with an intense color and make the difference!
  4. Do not throw away old wooden or garden furniture. If you scrub and remove the old color, you can refresh them with intense or pastel shades and turn them into trendy furniture that follows fashion trends. It is one of the simplest diy works. You can find online all the pieces of info that you need in order to make your old furniture look like brand new again. And it is going to happen by you with any cost!
  5. An intelligent construction with storage space can upgrade the cottage entrance and why not the house in the city. A hanger along the wall and a bench-to-shoe construction will fill the empty wall while also helping to easily arrange coats, shoes and whatever else you want.
  6. You can turn one of the corners of the house into a small gallery. You can buy a poster Copenhagen as a center piece and some smaller ones by its side. You can then paint this corner into a darker shade of the living room and then hang all these posters on the wall.
  7. One great idea is creating your own bed! You can buy some wooden panels and add a mattress on the top of them. You can also add some hidden light and the result is going to be magnificent. Note that your bed is going to be one of a kind and you are going to be proud of your marvelous creation!
  8. Considering to your balcony, you can create your own paradise and transform your dull area into a colorful and fancy place. First of all you need to paint all your pots into the colors you love. One great idea is to let your kids help you and consider it as a great game.

Secondly, you need to paint all the chairs and the table into a bright color such as deep blue or red and then place all the pots on the top of it. One great idea too is to place some paintings on the walls of your balcony and in this way you are going to create your own outdoor gallery.

No matter what idea you are going to choose, keep in mind that the most important thing to make our space look prettier is to believe that we deserve a nice house. If you believe in that, then it is is about time to start creating your own paradise. Be creative and start making the house of your dreams.

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