Dealing With the Unthinkable…A Bed Bug Infestation

Dealing With the Unthinkable…A Bed Bug Infestation

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 Having a large bed bug infestation in your home is a massive problem, and can cause a lot of stress and upset for your family. Not only are bed bug bites itchy, your quality of life could be seriously impacted in a negative way. Not to mention even more sleepless nights than you already have getting up in the night with baby!

Bed bugs need to be addressed and treated immediately if you find you have an infestation. Getting rid of them takes a lot of commitment and hard work. So, it’s probably better to call in a professional pest control company if you do realise you have an infestation. Not doing so could impact and be detrimental to you and your baby’s health in a really bad way.

Beds and mattresses is a safe, warm haven for a bed bug. They will love the protection it brings, and they can easily have a nibble on you during the night too. An infested mattress is really unpleasant to sleep on. However, disposing of the mattress in the right way is very much a last resort. A mattress can be treated for bed bugs, so don’t think you need to throw the mattress away to get rid of them.Related image

There are a few treatment methods you can use to get rid of bed bugs before resorting to throwing away your mattress. Put all your bedding in the washer and dryer, and put it on the highest heat setting to kill bed bugs. They are extremely vulnerable to heat. Vacuuming the mattress is the next step, but always seal the bag into something air tight to stop any of them from escaping back into the environment and re-infesting.

Chemical insecticides can be used, but apart from the health and safety risks to your baby and pets, they don’t work that well. Bed bugs build up tolerance to chemicals, and in any case, these chemicals do not destroy the eggs.

Professional heat treatment is the most successful technique to eradicate bed bugs. A good pest company has equipment that can reach the kind of temperatures than kill all stages of the bed bugs’ life cycle, and in terms of your baby’s health, it is totally non-toxic. There is a good break down of the treatment options on Wikipedia that look helpful at

If you are able keep the affected items enclosed in one room, they will be much simpler to treat and it is easier to get rid of the bed bugs completely. It is advisable to assume that in a room where the mattress has been infested, much of the rest of the furniture and bedding is also infected. Bed bugs breed fast, and will inhabit any furniture cracks and crevices that might make a snug home. As a precaution, be sure to inspect all the rooms in the house, just in case the bed bugs have spread somewhere you hadn’t realised.

You and your family will all benefit from eradicating the bed bugs quickly.

Dealing with bed bugs can be a huge job, and it is time consuming even to prepare for bed bug treatment. So it may be an idea to get as many helping hands on deck as you can. And arm yourself with as much info as you can find. A good local pest control company should be happy to give you some practical advice if you call. If prefer to look online for answers, recommend an excellent website at that has loads of useful pest information and advice.

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