Cut Your Energy Expenses With Springtime Minneapolis HVAC Maintenance

Cut Your Energy Expenses With Springtime Minneapolis HVAC Maintenance

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With the days growing longer, and the temperature slowly rising, the time to bust out the mops and brooms and get down to spring-cleaning is quickly approaching. As the temperature continues to rise with spring coming on, most businesses tend to give our HVAC systems a break, only to face a dreaded breakdown when the first heat waves of summer come on and we all rush to put the AC on full-force.

Most Minneapolis HVAC contractors will tell you that more than 50% of air conditioner breakdowns result from improper cleaning. What’s worse is that most businesses and homeowners do not even bother to have their systems checked on a regular basis. While you might think that this will save you money, ignoring recommended maintenance on your system can lead to even more expensive problems down the road. When the spring finally arrives, it is crucial that you follow these HVAC maintenance checkpoints to make sure your system is running correctly.

Check the condenser unit.

Before you go and turn your system back on, you need to check the condenser unit for any fallen leaves, twigs, dirt, or other debris that might have caused a clogged during the winter months. Strong winter storms can also damage and/or bend the coils in the unit, so be sure to remove all debris from the coils, straighten any bent coils, and clean them with soap and water.

Check the wiring.

Mice and other rodents use AC units as shelter during the winter, which can cause damage to your systems wiring. Be sure to check your unit for signs of a nest before turning it on, as you could be dealing with loose connections, burnt wires, or electrical shortages.

Replenish refrigerant levels.

If the refrigerant levels are low, you might be dealing with a leak, so be sure to make any necessary repairs to the unit before adding more refrigerant to it. You might be able to patch small tears or leaks, but bigger problems might require more expert experience to repair it.

Clean the drains, fans, and coils.

Dirt, dust, and other particles like mold and mineral deposits can cause major clogs in your drains, blower fans, and evaporator coils during the winter months. It’s important to remove any clogs and excess debris from your system to allow for proper drainage and airflow before turning your unit on for the season.

Replace the filters.

The quality of your filters can directly determine how hard your system has to work to maintain a constant, steady temperature. It is therefore important that you regularly check your filters to make sure they are clear and unclogged.

Having an HVAC system that is properly running and free of any maintenance issues helps businesses reduce their energy consumption rate and keeps their monthly utility bills low. When catering to your customers’ needs, it is usually best to offer them some kind of maintenance package or service agreement with their contract. More and more businesses are continuing to rely on efficient systems to keep their energy costs low and also do more for their eco-friendly campaigns.

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