Contemporary V/s. Modern Kitchen Design: What’s The Difference?

Contemporary V/s. Modern Kitchen Design: What’s The Difference?

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“The kitchen is the heart of the home.”

A kitchen is a place where a woman spends a lot of her time. Because of hygiene purpose, beauty purpose a kitchen should always be kept clean. A perfect kitchen is a symbol of ambiance for the whole house.

Nowadays, a lot of changes have been made regarding the interior of kitchens. With the passage of time and advancement in technologies, people prefer modern kitchens now.

Hey, do not get confused up between the words modern and contemporary. They both are different from each other. Let me make you clear about the difference between the both types of the kitchen; the contemporary and the modern!

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens offer a natural home for the serious cook. Contemporary kitchens are equipped with advanced equipment and designs. If you are planning to renovate your old kitchen with contemporary one, space analysis should be done on a priority basis as these kitchens consume a lot of space of your house.

Soft closing cabinet doors, advanced appliances, efficient dishwashers and refrigerators, smart cook tops are all the features of the contemporary kitchen. Being clean and simple is the underlying philosophy for this type of cook house.

Stainless steel and white appliances make it looks extremely beautiful. Special attention is paid while designing the store gadgets in drawers. The user will be extremely comfortable while using it from all sides.

Modern Kitchens

With simple designs and no curves or unnecessary fuss, these kitchens are very popular these days. These types of kitchens are given a very clean, tidy and sleek look with smart and hand fewer appliances. For each and everything there is a separate and particular space given.

The color of this type of kitchen should be kept as striking as possible. The most preferred colors, nowadays, are zirconium and chrome. Open shelving system has been the main feature of modern designs which comes out different from the traditional ones.

The pre dominant features of it are- practicality, utility, and simplicity in all aspects. Proper space utility is planned to ensure that it is uncluttered. Almost any kind of material can be used to decorate these modern style kitchens like wood, marble, granite, Silestone, or deception.

Difference between Modern Kitchens and Contemporary Kitchens

  1. Contemporary kitchen designs are always changing while modern kitchen designs will remain same for a particular period.
  2. Modern kitchen designs are made up of concrete or stones while contemporary kitchen designs are all about the clean designs.
  3. Contemporary designs are a fluid and little bit of rule breaking, but the modern designs are specific.
  4. Modern is the historically designed kitchen, where as contemporary is current trend designed kitchen.
  5. Modern kitchens are known for linear cabinet drawer, linear theme whereas contemporary kitchen designs are popular because of stainless steel appliances, natural stone counter tops.

Now, I hope you all must have understood the blurred line that exists between these two types of kitchen. So, for which one is you making up your mind?

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