Contemporary Ceiling Fans for Modern, State-of-the-Art Homes

Contemporary Ceiling Fans for Modern, State-of-the-Art Homes

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Did you ever wonder how a ceiling fan could add attractiveness to your home? Different designs and types of ceiling fans add a specific feel to the room. You should choose the size, finish, and style to go with your room décor.

Here is a brief introduction to various types of contemporary ceiling fans you can install in your living, dining, bedroom spaces.

Low ceiling fans

Low profile fans are best suited for rooms with low ceilings of less than 8 feet. These fans are also known by few other names like hugger fans and flush-mount fans.

Chandelier ceiling fans

They serve the purpose of both lighting and breeze. These are mostly suitable for those who want to use the ceiling fan area for lighting purpose but want a cool room as well. Some manufacturers hide the blades inside whereas others adorn the blades for design purpose.

Dual ceiling fans

Dual ceiling fans have more than two heads. They circulate more air in multiple directions, making the room cooler. These are mostly suitable for tall ceilings since the air will be moving to the sides instead of going directly down. They are extra functional compared to the traditional fans.

Some fans spin in a clockwise direction around the center of the base. They are called gyro ceiling fans. Others sway back and forth in a side-to-side motion and are called oscillating ceiling fans.

Belt driven ceiling fans

This type looks quite historic and creates a good ambience. They are one of the oldest designed fans that operate from a single motor having a pulley like system that helps a belt to stretch between each of the individual fans. They are considered to be energy savers since they use less electricity without compromising on style and elegance.

Stylish ceiling fans

Stylish ceiling fans are designed to enhance the beauty of the room. Fans with curved blades and stylish blades with ornate, decorative designs come under this category. They complement the modern interior design and add a statement of style and elegance. There are manufacturers that provide kids ceiling fans to match the wall décor of the child’s room. It adds an imaginative touch to the room; for example, a ceiling fan designed and colored to look like a rainbow or a sunflower.

Decorative ceiling fans

Decorative ceiling fans are theme-based. Depending upon the space or area, you can install these ceiling fans to add attractiveness, fun, and style to your home décor. For example, a “book themed” design would add to the décor of your library. Decorative ceiling fans enhance the beauty of the area. They come in a wide variety of styles.

Ceiling fans with light

Ceiling fans with light serve the dual purpose of air circulation and illumination. There are outdoor designs to brighten and breeze the patio at night. They usually come with a remote control to operate the fan. Some manufacturers provide wireless remotes with advanced features and settings like automatically dimming the light and speed of the blades, using a timer. Fans with remote controls are perfect for larger rooms since you don’t have to get up and reach out to the switches.

Large fans with more number of blades

Instead of installing two separate fans in a large room, it is better to set up a large fan with more number of blades. Fans with higher number of blades have a drawback though; they offer less cooling effect due to the heaviness of their body. This is the main reason why people move away from these types of fans. However, due to their eye-catching appeal, they are also an option to consider when you’re looking out for contemporary ceiling fans.