Common Cross Country Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Common Cross Country Moving Mistakes To Avoid

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Moving across the country is very stressful. Even if planning with respect to time and money seems solid to you, a sudden inevitable change can add to the stress and overall cost, especially if the move is across the country.

Some of the common cross country moving mistakes to avoid

  • Avoid shady movers

As you are moving long distance, it is totally understandable that you will hire professional movers instead of moving on your own using a rental truck. Never fall for shady deals, but research the potential interstate mover in regards to licensing, registration status, complaints, and safety information on the BBA or transportation department.

Moving cross country quotes need to be compared. A good moving company will also offer insurance proof, which ensures you are covered for losses, damages, or theft during transit.

  • Waiting last minute to hire movers

Moving discomfort can be costly because there is no planning. You will need to move quickly to look for reputed mover, especially if you are relocating in prime moving season. There will be no time to do a background check or read through cross country moving companies reviews.

  • Putting off prioritizing and packing

Start packing early because sorting and boxing needs sufficient time. Labelling your boxes will be helpful, when you unpack. Packing safely helps to avoid mishaps during transit like placing box of books over box of glassware.

  • Packing unnecessary things

Carrying older junk can increase cost. Clean your home of its extraneous belongings. Have a garage sale or gift some amongst family and friends or donate them to charity. Selling some will bring money, which can be used, while moving. Donating them will help others as well as reward you with tax credit.

  • Neglecting utilities

With so many moving related things to consider, you become overwhelmed and forget to think about setting utilities in the new home. After an exhausting and long slog imagine moving in a new home to find no electricity, especially if you moved on weekend. The wait till Monday to call new utility company can be devastating.

Remember to call local utility provider a couple of weeks before the moving date, so that they get ample time to set the utilities and transfer everything in your name.

Cross country moving with family is a marathon. However, with affordable moving companies cross country transit can be made smooth and hassle-free.


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