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CM+ architecture firms Sydney NSW is the cornerstone of Conybeare Morrison, and is an architectural firm having a portfolio that spans over thirty years. Their vision has been to improve urban areas by designing landmark buildings. With a careful approach to each site, they have a record that is strong in obtaining approvals, maximizing yield while not compromising on quality or open space. Guided by principles that are supportable, they create architecture which is not only practical but visionary.

Their expertiseis in:

  • Commercial
  • Community facility
  • Education
  • Residential
  • Senior living


Their approach to the education of design has been developed with their 30 year experience working with large schools and universities on the expansion of already existing campuses and the development of new greenfield sites.

Expertises are in:

  • Secondary schools
  • Specialist and sport facilities
  • Student housing
  • Strategic planning
  • University campuses


CM+ has a wide assortment of skills that are specialist in nature from heritage assessments and conservation management planning to conserve and adapt reuse of building and urban area. Their effort has been recognized by multiple awards from both heritage groups and other authorities.

Their expertise in this area are in:

  • Adaptive reuse
  • Developing conservation management plans
  • Heritage master plans
  • Heritage assessment of impact
  • Strategies of interpretation


CM+ infrastructure work has established in the science and art of infrastructure in urban as well as architecture to deliver system integration and experience optimization. Their progressive approach to design has resulted in award winning projects that set new benchmarks for delivery and design.

Their expertise in this area is in:

  • Bridges and tunnels

  • Rail and light rail

  • Roads

  • Strategic transport planning


CM+ has years in the master-planning of subtle projects that are high profile, underpinning their reputation as one of Australia’s most successful master-planning consultancies. They undertake notable design of urban masterplans for centers, universities, waterfronts, retail centers, resorts, mixed-use, and residential precincts. Their masterplans are imaginative yet functional and have set the stage for the growth of imageable and high-profile places and buildings.

Expertise in this area includes:

  • Innovation hubs
  • Mixed precincts use
  • Residential and senior living
  • Strategic transformation
  • Waterfront

For further information on other areas that are involved in these projects follow this link

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