Classic Straight Tube Vs. Beaker Bong

Classic Straight Tube Vs. Beaker Bong

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Possibly the two oldest and most classical designs for glass bongs, the beaker and straight tube designs have each stuck around as long as they have for good reason. It’s all a matter of preference of course at the end of the day, but this article will go over a few of the differences and some pros and cons of each. To clarify though, a beaker bong is the type of bong which resembles an erlenmeyer flask from your high school science classes. That’s the cone shaped flask by the way. Ya, I know, “why doesn’t it look like a beaker?”. Who knows? I doubt the guy that coined the term was too concerned with specifics. A straight tube bong is, well obviously, a straight tube that usually stands atop a wide, circular base.

  Beaker Bong

A high quality beaker bong with thick glass is definitely the most well balanced type of bong anyone can buy. All the water’s weight spread out in the flask’s base makes it pretty damn difficult to topple the piece over accidentally. Of course, no glass bong is ever immune from the clumsiness of other people, but you can at least be a little less paranoid. Because of the wide nature of the bases for beaker bongs, there’s potential for some really awesome disc type percolators which can create a pretty smooth smoking experience. Expensive models of beaker bongs often include a percolator in the base, with maybe an extra one at the bottom of the stem, as well as an ice catcher.

Straight Tube Bong

Now these bongs compared to beaker bongs certainly have much less balance, most of the time that is. It takes a very thick and heavy circular base for the balance to match that of a beaker bong, which means you usually have to pay a bit extra for premium quality glass. What is cool about a straight tube bong though is that there’s generally a whole lot of space in the tube for two up to even four or five different percolators. This allows for some potentially awesome designs that any serious glass fanatic would love to display in their collection.