Choosing the Right Strap Hinge for Your Doors

Choosing the Right Strap Hinge for Your Doors

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What is a Strap Hinge?

Strap hinges are among the most common choices for swinging door hardware. The distinguishing feature is a long panel – the “strap” – that attaches to the door itself, connected by a pintle to a shorter panel that attaches to the jamb. This basic design is remarkably flexible; strap hinges can be adjusted to work for almost any door, whether it’s a small residential one or a massive industrial installation that weighs thousands of pounds. Scaling up a strap hinge simply requires fabricators to cut longer and thicker straps, and possibly include a back plate to more evenly distribute the door’s weight.

Taking a Moment

A door’s “moment” is the force its hinges must bear each time it’s opened. While calculating a door’s moment may be trivial for small residential jobs, it is often critically important for large custom installations. The formula to find a door’s moment is very simple, and requires only two measurements – the door’s width and weight – to be multiplied together. The moment, combined with the door’s height, will determine what sort of hinges are appropriate, and how many will be needed. For example, if a door is four feet wide and weighs 1,000 pounds, its moment is 4,000 pounds; using this number, a manufacturer can then recommend the right hinges for the job depending on the door’s height.


Many people choose strap hinges for their doors not only for their strength, but also because of their classic look. Strap hinges can be cut into many different decorative designs while still maintaining their structural integrity, and buyers can choose from a wide variety of metals and finishes. Whether a buyer prefers a rustic colonial look or a sleek modern one, strap hinges can accomplish it. So long as the hinges can support the door’s moment, buyers are able to get very creative with their designs.

Why Choose Richards-Wilcox?

Richards-Wilcox Hardware Solutions has been in business since 1880, and is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of door hardware and accessories. Its talented fabricators often work with architects and designers to create custom metal hardware for a huge variety of projects. They’ve created many heavy-duty doors at zoos, factories, barns, and stables, to name a few, but they also work on many delicate historical restoration projects, and offer general hardware for many types of sliding, swinging, and folding doors. The company is based in Aurora, Illinois, but its work can be found all across the country. To learn more about swinging door hardware and their other products and services, contact Richards-Wilcox today.

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