Choosing the Right Glass Barn Door

Choosing the Right Glass Barn Door

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With so many glass barn doors on the market, how do you choose the right one? The possibilities may seem endless, but the options can be narrowed down to find the perfect door for your space.

Get Some Inspiration

Start by perusing the company’s photo gallery. You will find many barn door examples that can give you some inspiration. Search for a look that feels similar to your space, so you aren’t overwhelmed with the options, and go from there.

Determine the Room Style

If you know the style of the room, it can be easier to search for a barn door. Some common styles include traditional, rustic, contemporary, and modern. A traditional style gives off a lived-in and inviting space. A rustic space is full of textures and some nature. Contemporary style is for the minimalist that likes unique shapes in the furniture and likes to highlight the architectural lines. A modern space is fresh and there is hardly any clutter. The room is simple and not fussy.

Determine the Focal Point

Glass barn doors can be the focal point of any room, so it’s necessary to determine if you want your door to stand out as the focal point. You might also prefer just to have function and something that will blend it a little more. Different finishes can give your door a more unique look that will stand out, or you can choose something that matches the existing décor so that it seamlessly fits into the design.

Type of Door

Once you found the type of material you like and the look that will fit into the space, you will need to decide how to install your door. Suspended glass doors don’t have bottom tracks and will smoothly open and close. These doors come with many different designs and glass finishes to match your décor. Frameless glass barn doors don’t have any wooden materials, and the focus is on the door and the hardware. If you are going for something frameless, you will want to choose some hardware that will match the look and feel you want to achieve.

Glass Types

There are many glass types to choose from, depending on how much privacy you want. Think about the different opaque options and frostiness of the glass, and how it will look in the space, to determine the right glass type for you.

The Right Hardware

Hardware is a good way to customize your doors. The same rules apply for picking out your hardware as your doors, with emphasis put on matching it to the space. You also want to keep functionality in mind. If your door is going to be at a business, consider an extended handle to be ADA compliant and explore different lock options.

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