Choosing the Right Curtains and Drapes – How to Make an Informed Decision

Choosing the Right Curtains and Drapes – How to Make an Informed Decision

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Window treatments add to the functionality of the room. Besides adding dimension, texture and colour to the room they also offer insulation and privacy to rooms. Here is the guide that will help you choose the right curtains as per your requirement.

You must consider whether they offer great functionality to the space. You could check whether the kardinad are efficient to block sunlight for few hours in the day. Many people prefer natural light to penetrate into the room. Before proceeding ahead, you could make a list of functionalities you would expect from window treatments like:

  • The right fabric to block or allow the light in the room
  • Whether it is possible to switch curtains during season

The fabric

Once you have clarity about the functionality of curtains, you are in a better position to decide the right fabric for your space. If you want a more formal look, go for velvet and silk or other heavy fabrics. They are highly effective in providing privacy and insulation. For a casual look, fabrics like linen and other light weight fabrics work wonders. Most of the light weight fabrics are sheer and hence they allow natural light to penetrate.

While choosing the right fabric, keep in mind that they will add layer of design depth depending on the choice. Choose the ones that are easy to maintain. If you are still unsure about the right type of fabric, you could go take advice from expert home designers.

The Right Colours

The next step is to choose the most appropriate colour for the curtains. While choosing the colour, decide whether you need a sober colour that will blend with the décor or you need that they attract attention. If you want a light and sober look for the room, colour of the curtains could be same as the colour of the walls.

On the other hand, bold coloured curtains will add a statement to your home. They will not only look stylish but also add many exciting elements. Above all you could pick a colour that you love and comfortable to live with.

Prints and patterns play a vital role in the overall décor of the home. If the bedding and furniture has prints, you could go with solid coloured window treatments. Small and neutral printed curtains will look more like texture from a distance. If you are yet confused, visit the nearby furnishing stores and websites like veepisar- akna- Ja Uksekatted.

Talk to the experts and tell them what exactly you are looking in the window treatments. You could also pull up the photo of your favourite curtains online and show them at the store. They will help you to get the same look.

Price plays an important role while deciding the perfect window treatment for your space. You must set a budget and keep some buffer too. Besides this, width of the curtains is also important. Their width will vary as per the width of moulding of door. One way to get the approximate width is to measure the frame and then multiply with a factor of 3.

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