Causes of Water Damage in Homes

Causes of Water Damage in Homes

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 Plumbing Incidents

Common plumbing problems such as burst and leaking pipes occur in your walls and can be very difficult to detect. Left undetected for long periods of time, these plumbing problems can cause severe water damage. Problematic pipes are the most common culprits of flood damage, and can cause backed up drains and toilets. In order to prevent water damage, experts recommend to occasionally inspect your pipes for any issues.

Household Appliances

Older and malfunctioning appliances can wreak havoc on a home’s internal water system. Weak hoses and rusted or cracked pipes can lead to future leaks and water damage. Homes most frequently experience damage from damaged or aged washing machines and hot water tanks. Dishwashers, Refrigerators, and water heaters can also become more and more susceptible to damage over time. Fixing or replacing older appliances can prevent future leaks and water damage.

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation Systems

Most homeowners don’t realize that their heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance. Without proper attention, these units can see severe moisture buildup which contributes to the growth of mold and mildew deposits. To prevent these issues, schedule regular maintenance with a professional to catch possible damage. Replacing old fixtures may be necessary in the long run to prevent moisture buildup and water damage.

How to Prevent Water Damage

While some water disasters occur as a result of unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances, these incidents can be prevented through regular home inspections by a water damage restoration company and the periodic maintenance of household products. Homeowners can also install a shut-off system or leak detection system to catch leaks and shut off your water main automatically in the case of a leak. Investing in repairs and other preventative measures can end up saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in the long run.