Caulking Services

Caulking Services

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Caulking is a term used to describe the material used as well as the caulking process itself. Caulking is used to seal joints on certain buildings and in some pipes.

Caulking was first used as a means to repair wooden boats and to make boats watertight. The process of making wooden boats watertight was done by driving a wedge between the seams in the boards. Caulking was also done to join the sections of a cast iron sewage pipe. The process by which riveted iron or steel ships as well as boilers are made water and steam tight is also called caulking.

Caulking is most commonly used in the construction industry. It is a widely known process that workers use to close up any gaps that remain in a newly constructed building. In the modern age, caulking is also used to control temperature and water within a building and to reduce noise levels.

There are several types of ready-mixed caulking combinations: silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, sylli-terminated-polyether or polyurethane and acrylic sealant applications.

Caulking services are performed as a way to increase the energy efficiency of a home or building. It is also useful to prevent the infestation of certain insects, such as ants and rodents.

Caulking services can also be used when installing new home appliances. Placing caulking along the base of the appliance ensures that it remains in place; this reduces strain on the appliance, saving time and money by avoiding the hassle of having to do major repairs later or replace the appliance.

Sometimes in construction, the workers will install a “backer rod” in addition to caulking. This is a piece of foam that is placed behind the caulking bead to provide more elasticity and reduce caulking consumption. The backer rod helps to determine the thickness of the caulking and the shape of the caulk that is placed on the joint or gap. It forces the caulking into place and provides a more solid sealant and a better bond.

The backer rod helps keep the caulking from attaching itself to the bottom of an opening, an unwanted phenomenon known as a “three-sided-bond”. The caulk is instead adhered to the opening in an hour-glass shape; this creates a more flexible hold which is less likely to tear.

Caulking services are very important to homeowners and the owners of other buildings. When windows, doors, and other possible cracks are filled with the caulking compound, the home or building is better insulated, keeping the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summertime. After all, who wants all the money spent on electricity, natural gas or propane to literally go out the doors and windows through unwanted cracks in the foundation and building? The more we seal up our living quarters, the more energy efficient our homes can be.

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