Call An Arborist In Time For Spring Thaw

Call An Arborist In Time For Spring Thaw

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After suffering under the deep freeze of a Prairie winter, many people in Edmonton are counting down the days until spring arrives. Though we fantasize about beers on the patio, warmer temperatures and the long-awaited melt aren’t the only things you can expect in the seasonal changeover. Springtime arrives with the need to take care of our trees. Make sure you give your property the attention it needs by enlisting an ISA-certified arborist to help. They’re the experts who can help prune, check for pests, and removed diseased trees.

Don’t DIY This Spring

With Google as a function on every smartphone, it’s easy to fall into the Internet’s trap. With only a few swipes of your finger, you can find instructions on how to tackle any household task. This is helpful when you’re looking for the best Italian meringue recipe or a natural way to keep pests out of your home, but when it comes to landscape maintenance it can be dangerous. When this cooking or cleaning advice fails, you’ve only wasted your time. When you take unsafe advice on how to prune or remove a tree, you could be putting yourself and your home at risk.

Without training or experience as an arborist, it’s very easy to use the wrong source as your springtime maintenance guide. These sites can encourage you to climb trees without proper rigging, use equipment you aren’t experienced in handling, and attempt care tips that might actually do damage to your tree’s health. Your DIY ways may seem like the cheaper way to go at first, but you could hurt yourself and damage your property. There’s a high accident rate for amateurs attempting to reach the highest branches.

An Expert Knows the Safe Way To Tend To Your Property

Experienced arborists know how to tend to your tree’s needs safely and correctly. Those that have earned their ISA certification, given by the International Society of Arboriculture, have achieved the appropriate training and experience levels to assess and care for Edmonton trees. They’ve established their understanding of a variety of techniques, including pruning, deep root fertilization, and complete removal. While they’re a source great tree care tips, they perform all of your maintenance needs using the latest low-impact methods to keep their crew, your trees, and your property safe.

As spring arrives across the Prairies, you’ll be tempted to make an outdoor maintenance to-do list. Make sure you add calling your local arborist to your chores. They can ensure your maples, elms, and pine are healthy as we changeover from one season to the next in a way that guarantees everyone’s safety.

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