Boilers and Fireplaces in Victoria, BC

Boilers and Fireplaces in Victoria, BC

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When it comes to heating options, there are many options to choose from. However, some of the most popular include boilers and fireplaces. Below we take a look at these heating options, including their outstanding features.

Fireplace Options

Many homeowners dream of curling up by the fire reading a good book while enjoying a cup of tea. If you wish to make your fantasy a reality, then you should familiarize yourself with the ideal type of fireplace that will be best suited for you and your home.

  1. Wood

When you need to choose fireplaces, the option of a wood fireplace is as convincing as they come. With such a fireplace, you get an authentic view of the flame. However, you need to find out more about your local codes regarding every aspect of installing a fireplace in your home. In addition, you need to consider having an area where you will store the wood.

  1. Gas

You can choose from a variety of units, which now have logs that have an authentic look and it would be difficult to tell them apart from the real wood fireplaces.

iii. Electric

When you settle on an electric fireplace, you can choose the modern ones that produce sound effects that mimic the crackling of fire. Technological advancements also make it possible for these kinds of fireplaces to look more convincing with special LED lighting. Some incorporate hologram imaging and videos showing wood burning. If you would like to have the look of a fireplace or even a portable unit that can be placed anywhere within the home, then you can choose a wall mount option.


A boiler system does precisely what the name suggests – boil water! With this system, water is boiled inside a water tank and then distributed through pipes as either steam or hot water to baseboard heaters or radiators fitted in rooms. Boiler systems are classified as radiant heating systems for the simple reason that heating pipes heat up the air around them, thereby producing radiant heat.

Most boiler systems use electricity, oil, and gas. However, some systems use alternative fuels, such as corn pellets, wood, and other forms of renewable energy sources. With gas boiler systems, the water inside the hot water tanks is heated using jets. In electric boiler systems, heating elements fitted in the tanks raise the temperature of water to the appropriate levels.

Boilers in Victoria, BC has become extremely popular, thanks to their high level of efficiency, considering they’re closed-loop systems. Water circulated to heat up the home eventually returns back to the tank in order to be reheated. Thankfully, it will only take minimal heat to boil the water again, as it will already be fairly hot.

Whether you are more concerned about your budget, home safety, convenience, or ambiance, you will gladly discover that there are many heating options to choose from. Even if you are considering the installation of any of the suitable boilers or fireplaces, it is imperative that you choose a fuel option that will work best for you while delivering your heating needs.

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