Better Details for the Best Asphalt Paving

Better Details for the Best Asphalt Paving

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Now all the more popular are the country houses. People finally realized that fresh air and a spacious house are more profitable than an apartment in the city. Nevertheless, the presence of a country house implies the willingness of the owner to invest some effort in improving the yard and the surrounding area. Perhaps the best solution will be the asphalting of the site. This is part of the plot in front of the house and the paths, driveways. Laying the asphalt for many years will solve the problem of improving the yard, and make it comfortable moving people and transport in the rain and slush. Next, we will talk about laying asphalt in the yard. The asphalt paving contractor gets the best for this now.

Aesthetically attractive appearance

Asphalt attracts many of its cheapness in comparison with other building materials for the improvement of the yard (tiles, pavers). Installation work is also not difficult, people with distance from the profession of a road worker can handle it. If the asphalt is still overlaid with a curb – in terms of aesthetics, it will not be equal.

Roller skating rink

Manual tamping can be made independently from a sheet of metal 20×20 cm, welding from above the handle. The mop is made of boards, nailing them to each other, the size of 2.5×1 m. The rink must be more than 100 kg. If at the word “skating rink” someone imagined a mighty car, then I hasten to please, there are small hand-held rollers that will help us in this matter.

Building materials:

  • Asphalt crumb or asphalt
  • Clay
  • Crushed rock
  • Sand
  • Solar
  • Small curbs

The costs of constructing asphalt tracks depend on the load they will withstand. For the construction of access roads for the car it is necessary to lay asphalt in 2 layers, with a crushed stone base from 0.25-0.5 m. For a pedestrian walkway, such costs are not necessary, enough of one layer of asphalt and 10 cm of gravel under the base. If in the yard to cover the load will be small enough in the base 10-15 cm of rubble. In order for the asphalt to lay evenly the base is carefully rammed. The Midland asphalt paving option is there with you now.


It is advisable to draw out all the paths and access roads, designate the outlines.The next step will be filling all the sites with clay, sand and gravel. After filling, the resulting mixture should be thoroughly compacted.For convenience of work, asphalt first you need to pour out a few heaps. Then shovel spread asphalt, evenly distributing. Under the footpath thickness of 5 cm, under the automobile 10 cm.

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