Best Upright Vacuums 2018 – Vacuum Cleaner Ratings, Test Results

Best Upright Vacuums 2018 – Vacuum Cleaner Ratings, Test Results

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Examining the best upright vacuums for 2018, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concluded that vacuum cleaners requiring bags remove dust and dirt at a rate less than 30-cubic feet per minute at times. CDC test results prove that the best vacuum cleaners sold in 2018 exhaust dust at the rate of 80-cubic feet per minute. Cubic feet per minute is the amount of air filtered each minute by an air conditioner, a home heating system, or a vacuum cleaner. You need to take advantage of the latest vacuum cleaner technology.

CDC Laboratory Experiment

A CDC laboratory experiment compared the efficiency of four commercial vacuum cleaners. Two of the four vacuum cleaners used bags to collect dust, and the other two cleaners used cyclones to separate and collect dirt before it reached the vacuum’s filter. Each of the four cleaners was subjected to seven five-pound increments of dirt. Vacuum cleaner air flows and pressure were measured at the motor before and after each filter.

Air flow rates in vacuum cleaners with cyclonic pre-separation of dust remained constant regardless of the amount of dirt collected. They scored air flows greater than 70-cubic feet per minute consistently. Vacuum cleaners with bags even exhibited flumes of dust escaping from the entrance of the vacuum cleaner collection bag.

Vacuum Cleaner Technology

The highest rated vacuum cleaners for 2018 require 10 or 12 amperes of electricity, the maximum amount “drawn” by standard household appliances. Educated consumers sift through performance ratings comparing unrelated statistics while choosing a new vacuum cleaner. Beyond a powerful motor and airflow, your upright vacuum cleaner’s sealed suction or water lift rating indicates its ability suck consistently.

Quiet Lightweight Uprights

Quiet lightweight vacuums which swivel to clean carpets, wood floors, and upholstery effortlessly, never lose suction. Three stages of filtration thoroughly clean your floors removing allergens, dust, and ground in dirt. Attachments to lightweight upright vacuums include an extension hose, crevice tools, dusters, and upholstery tools.

Smart Vacuums

Smart vacuums with “floor sense” like robot vacuums are partially sensor or actuator operated. Sensors adjust your roller speed and brush height for the type of carpet, wood, or tile floor. Wind tunnel suction surges over difficult to clean areas. Blue tooth applications monitor your filters and dust cup level and send and receive error and service messages. A push button releases your dirt cup. Reusable filters and detachable brush rollers wash clean or are easy to replace. Remember to wait until your filter is completely dry before you replace it because a wet or damp filter develops an odor or grows bacteria, mold, or fungi. Robot vacuum cleaners may save you some time, but you still need an upright.

Multi-Surface Ball Steering

The best vacuum cleaner for patients with respiratory problems filters and traps dirt particles and allergens to remove them from your circulating air. HEPA filters are designed to trap allergens and kill bacteria. HEPA filters trap 99.87 percent of particles 0.3 microns long or larger. Ball design steering allows your cleaner to rotate and fit into small or inconvenient places to purify your air.

Pet Vacuums

Pet vacuums for pet lovers, breeders, or veterinarians may offer stronger suction than the average upright vacuum cleaner. Pet vacuums feature washable brushes and filters which are best for removing pet odors. Stronger suction and air freshening filters remove deep stains, lift pet hairs, and reduce your exposure to pet dander.

Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combinations

When combination cleaners vacuum and heat clean carpets, the carpet dries fast. Hand tools which clean stairs and upholstery attach to the combination vacuum cleaner.


Convenience and size considerations include maneuverability and whether or not the upright cleaner fits in your storage area. If you tend to vacuum infrequently, an easy to use lightweight cyclonic cleaner makes vacuuming easier. You can compare and choose the decibel level of noise made by your new upright vacuum cleaner.

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