Best Techniques to Remove Paint Safely

Best Techniques to Remove Paint Safely

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 Removal of paint safely is not only a hectic task, but also overwhelming. It requires lots of proper preparation, ideas, and right execution of procedures. We do paint stripping when it’s time to recover your wooden surface or metal ones from getting peeled, chipped or flaked. Before you apply a fresh coat of paint always make sure that you scrape away all the old paints and prepare the surface to receive new applications.

Here are the basic safety measurements and guiding steps to remove paints safely.

Prepare Beforehand

The first thing that one must do is wear old clothes as your new dress will obviously get ruined. Always beware of the chemical substances present in the paint strippers that can be flammable and harmful for you. And before you start you work wear gloves, face mask and also cover your hair.

Understand the Material

Consider the surface material of your painting project. It could be wooden surface like that of outdoor-indoor furniture, banisters, window frames, floorboard, and skirting boards or built in furniture. It can be metal surface of any types also. So, the first step that you must understand is to applying the right method for the chosen material surface.

Easy Techniques

There are four main steps involved in removal of paint from any surface and they are:

  • Sandblasting and sanding method is a very useful method that can easily scrape away the abrasive particles from the material surface. This method is good for steel, aluminium, and also for fibreglass. This method does not damage the underlying surface. But you go for this step try your hand on a small surface. But sanding method can be tricky for wooden surfaces as they tend to wear away the upper surface material and damage it. So you can also opt for certain hand machines that will help you in sanding in the right way with right pressure. Before you work make sure to learn a bit online and then go for it.
  • Paint-and-varnish Remover is another method that is useful in wicker furniture and in many plywood things. At first you need to apply a thick coat of varnish or paint remover and work on it continually. Make sure you keep the surface wet and wait till the surface softens. Always use natural bristles to remove the paint and never go for hard wired brushes. The varnish and paint remover must be allowed to stay for about 20 minutes on the surface you are working on. Considering the amount of stripping required apply a second coat. Now remember if you are removing paint from a metal surface always keep it away from air and water. Or it will get damaged.There are lots of paint remover supplier in market.
  • Hot Air Gunis another option which you can use to remove paint in no time. But this method step requires special precaution. If you are not careful while using a hot gun then you might ruin your wooden surface. The best part is you can use it to remove multi-layers in one go. In case of varnishes this step is not helpful. Varnishes are gooey when is heated. So a hot gun will not strip it off.
  • Chemical method of stripping is one of the best methods that you can use for stripping from any material. A chemical paint stripper comes in either liquid or paste form. They can easily soften the old paints or varnishes. For carved wooden works, hard designs, chemical strippers are excellent. They are not harsh on surfaces and are easily done than any other method. Yet a few precautions need to be taken beforehand. Most of the chemical strippers are citrus based and work in less than 30 minutes. They have mild odour, but they cause fumes. Try to avoid chemical strippers that require water in application as they can damage wooden surface.

Now you know why a fresh coat of painting requires initial preparation. Get rid of previous paint and varnishes and work on anew.