Best NYC Boroughs for Retirees

Best NYC Boroughs for Retirees

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New York is often called a city that never sleeps. However, there are many retirees that are moving to this city. As a vast and cosmopolitan town, the NYC has something for everybody. There are the neighborhoods that are best suitable for young professionals, students, for families but there are also the best NYC boroughs for retirees.

If you are thinking about what will be the place to spend your golden years, take New York into consideration.

It has everything that you need for an urban, yet peaceful life.

Things to consider before your relocation to New York

Everybody will love to spend their retirement on the sunny beach in the foreign country, but moving overseas takes time and money. If you prefer to stay in the States, New York can be a great place for you to settle in.

Before you start to look for the best NYC boroughs for retirees, see what your basic necessities are.

Affordability is a major thing when you are considering where to move. Find out what are the monthly living expenses and can you afford them. Take the price of housing and healthcare into consideration.

Since you won’t be in the house all the time, see what entertainment options are in the boroughthat interested you. And how costly they are.

Transportation is also something to consider. Will you drive your own vehicle or do you prefer a public transportation? Would you want everything that you need to be in the walking district? How connected the borough is to another boroughs is very important.

These are all the important stuff that you have to consider when you are choosing the right place to retire.

The best NYC boroughs for retirees

When you are planning a big relocation, you have to understand how big of a task you have upon you. You’ll have to pack all your home and move it to another location. That can be a fresh change that you need, but the moving process will be overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you decide to do it on your own. If you hire professional movers to relocate your home, that will save you a lot of time, and even money. Choose the reliable moving company such as U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn and put your move into their capable hands.

You will be more relaxed and you will be able to focus on another important stuff. Like finding the best NYC boroughs for retirees that you will enjoy living in.


As one of the most popular NYC boroughs, Manhattan maybe doesn’t seem like the great place for retirees. That is far from the truth because this borough has many neighborhoods for retirees to enjoy it. If you are searching for the peaceful place that is in the very heart of NYC, then the Manhattan’s neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen should be the first on your list.

The name of this neighborhood doesn’t sound good. With a name like Hell’s Kitchen, you maybe wonder who would like to live there. The answer is – many people choose this part of New York to call a home.

The name is totally misleading since this is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees.

Truthfully, Hell’s Kitchen was one of the roughest areas of the town. It’s gone under a huge development, and as it turned out, now is one of the safest parts of NYC.

It offers affordable housing to seniors and very diverse cultural, art and outdoors activities. Some of the best art galleries and theaters are located right here, and the Central Park, Theater District and Times Square are just a few blocks away. Huston Park is also in the proximity, and it is a great place for biking or taking a calming walk by the river shore.

The neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen is proud of its diversity. The various ethnic and international restaurants prove that statement. You can taste the flavors of almost every country in the world within the walking distance from your home.

The Senior Center is also in the nearby, and there are all kinds of group activities for the retirees to enjoy it. This neighborhood is just one of the reasons that makeManhattan one of the best NYC boroughs for retirees.


For the last couple of years, Brooklyn was transformed into one of the most interesting New York boroughs. It has become a cultural and artistic hub, filled with amazing restaurants, bars, vast parks and all kind of activities.

Not to mention the great Coney Island that is nearby, that provides amusement for all generations. Maybe its amusement park isn’t your cup of tea, but you will enjoy walking along the beachside and feel of the fresh sea breeze on your face.

Many hipsters and young professionals are attracted to Brooklyn, but this is also one of the best NYC boroughs for retirees. Since every neighborhood in Brooklyn is different, this borough has a perfect place for everyone.

The best Brooklyn’s neighborhood for seniors is surely Park Slope.

Park Slope is considered one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. It is located in Brooklyn, and many choose it as a place to retire in.

Since it is a dynamic, diverse and relaxed neighborhood with plenty of outdoor activities, that is no surprise.

Anyone who loves to spend time in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery, will love the Prospect Park. This park is the gem of this neighborhood, perfect for enjoying a sunny day. It’s smaller than Central Park but has a special character and the relaxing vibes that will charm you over.

The Park Slope is a historical neighborhood, and every block will tell you another story from the past with its architecture.  It’s amongst the safest neighborhoods in New York, but it is also more expensive.

Still, vast green space, quality culture and safety of the residents of this beautiful neighborhood is worth every penny. No wonder why this is one of the best neighborhood in general, that makes Brooklyn one of the best NYC boroughs for retirees.

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