Best ideas for decorating your kid’s bedroom – Make it their best corner of the house

Best ideas for decorating your kid’s bedroom – Make it their best corner of the house

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While you plan to decorate your kid’s bedroom, painting the walls with obnoxious colors needn’t be your initial step always. In fact, the interior designers are of the opinion that leaving the walls gray or while or adding small bits of bright color can shower you with increased possibilities of making your kid’s room playful or creative. When you do this, you can avoid another repaint when your child outgrows the age of loving Barbie pink or lime green walls.

In a bedroom, the first thing to add is a good kids bed which not only matches with the room’s decor but is also perfect for your child’s health. Since he is in his growing years, you need to ensure that the mattress is perfect for his spine. Apart from the bed, you need to check what your kid already has. Stuffed toys, children’s books usually add to the color of the room and hence you should put them in the right place. Here are few more ideas.

You can add bright books

You can’t deny the fact that the rooms of the kids bursts with life when you have showcases and shelves which are full of collection of good and bright books. When the books are all used for decoration, they even become a subject of interest and they become easier to access. Not only that, they even look organized and the bright colors of the books add color to the neutral colored walls. When he grows, just replace the bright books with well decorated pieces.

Create a toy story

If you have a shelf just above the bed of your child, you can certainly create a toy story by arranging a nice collection of both contemporary and vintage superhero of toy figures. You can add a fabric which is boldly striped and this can be added to the wall in order to make it serve as a headboard. Toys always add suspense and interest to a kid’s room.

Add removable wallpapers

What does your kid love? Which color or pattern is his favorite? Try to know his preferences and choose removable wallpaper accordingly. If the wallpaper is removable, you can change the look of the room after your child grows.

Vibrant accessories and furniture

The frame of bed is a rather funky style statement which reads ‘big girl’ rather than reading ‘too big’. How about adding a floral pillow, a decal or giving a few touch of color in order to make the room of your kid look simple yet sweet?

Geometric prints

You can mix geometric prints, few simple knick-knacks, a flying washi tape airplane to turn the kid’s room into a space where he can create and dream about things.

Kids are full of imaginations and unless you allow them to enjoy themselves in their bedroom, their imagination might go wasted. Hence, it is better to decorate their bedrooms accordingly so that their bedrooms become their best place in the entire house.

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