Best Floors for Active Dogs and Kids

Best Floors for Active Dogs and Kids

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So, you’ve recently moved into a new house. You’re bringing along with your family your furry friends. With your kids spending most of their time playing on the floor, you worry that you might need to re-do the house’s current flooring to accommodate them as well as your active dogs.

If you’re confused on what to choose among the best floors for dogs and growing kids, we’re here to take the burden away! Read on and learn more about your possible flooring choices.


Vinyl is considered one of the best floors for dogs and toddlers because they’re easy to clean. Your pets would most probably like the warmth this flooring gives during the winter season and the comforting coldness needed when the temperature goes up. Nonetheless, some groups have forwarded their concern about this type of flooring containing volatile organic compounds. Though found in low amount, VOCs cause alarm as they are associated with different respiratory diseases.


If you plan to go green, you might want to invest in a cork flooring. They make for the perfect choice for health buffs as well because they help reduce the growth of allergens. Because of the comfort they give, they are also a great choice of flooring if your children like to spend their playtime crawling and tumbling across the floor.


Speaking of being eco-friendly, bamboos can also easily become your top choice among the best floors for dogs and kids. They are completely renewable, durable, and capable of giving warmth during the wintry period. If your pets and children are sensitive to the cold, this is a great option for you.


Hardwood flooring is popular for its durability. But bear in mind that as you resort to harder hardwoods, you would need to shell out more money. In some cases, this option can last for 80 until 100 years, given that they are properly cleaned on a regular basis. Just a little caveat: hardwood is sensitive to moisture. Make sure to watch out for this one when you are cleaning the floor.


Carpets, as experience has taught many household heads, give a unique kind of warmth and comfort both to active dogs and toddlers. As they are mostly spending their time on the floor, your kids and furry house residents will most likely appreciate you installing carpets to your home. If you’re worried about your pets’ fur, make sure you regularly brush them so as to avoid cleaning too much fur off your carpeted floor.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles are relatively easier to clean compared with other types of flooring. They are also long-lasting. Just bear in mind that your dogs and kids might have a difficulty in initially gaining traction with this kind of floor. They can be slippery and slick at times, risking the safety of your loved one. To address a concern like this, opt for tiles that have a better grip.

What are the best floors for dogs? Consult our experts at Pet Friendly Flooring. We’ve tested it and have had our flooring options doggie approved!

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