Beds That Make a Perfect Fit for Small Bedroom

Beds That Make a Perfect Fit for Small Bedroom

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Beds take up the most space in a bedroom. While there’s no ‘bed’ room without a bed, there is still a need to have enough moving space within the bedroom. You spend a significant amount of time in your bedroom sleeping. However, when you are awake, your bedroom should feel like a comfortable space that doesn’t seem dingy or cluttered. For this reason, when you buy a bed, you should make sure it doesn’t end up taking up all the space and leave very little room for movement. Here’s a list of bed designs that would be appropriate for a small room.


A very unconventional way of using a bed for dual purposes, desk-beds are making it big now. Both, a desk and a bed, are something we all need in our bedroom. A bedroom is a space where we sleep and study/work; hence, the idea of having a desk cum bed works well, i.e., if you have a small bedroom and need to accommodate pretty much everything. A desk cum bed conveniently sits in your room, like a desk, for when you want to study. As soon as you want to doze off, all you need to do is fold the desk into the bed, and there you have it, your hibernation space.

Elevated Bed:

Elevated beds are one of the best, and most convenient, options for a small bedroom. They provide much space for storing whatever you want to store. However, what makes them different from the standard storage space of a regular heightened bed is the extra storage space you receive. Depending on how high the bed is, you can use the storage space that is available below the bed, at a low height and yet fully functional, wardrobe. Imagine the amount of space you would be saving with an elevated bed!

Couch cum Bed:

If you have a television in your room and spend considerable time being a couch potato, a couch cum bed is all you need. Instead of placing a bean bag or any other furniture in an already small room, which will make it seem even more congested, you can think of a couch cum bed. While you can keep it folded and use it as a couch while you chill out, you can unfold it, and a comfy, full-sized bed will appear right in front of you, inviting you to sleep.

Bunk Beds:

The most conventional idea for a small bedroom, when two or three people are sharing the room, are bunk beds that have been an ideal choice for cramped living situations. Many would rule it out for the traditional look that it gives to a room. However, with changing times, you will find a variety of bunk beds that will help you save on space, accommodate people conveniently, without having to compromise with the appearance of a room.

These are some bed designs that would be suitable for a small room. Want to know more about how to make the most out of a small room? Read 37 Small Bedroom Designs and Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Space That Pop.

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