Beautiful, Energy Efficient Doors Can Set Your House Apart

Beautiful, Energy Efficient Doors Can Set Your House Apart

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Doors Help with Insulation


When new, high-efficiency doors from the premier CT home improvement contractor, Peter L Brown, you will save on annual energy costs and improve the look and curb appeal of your home. Provia entryway doors are built to meet the highest of standards and from the best materials. Provia manufactures the latest in energy efficient doors and won the Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for door manufacturing. The thick fiberglass insulation helps to improve your home’s energy efficiency and contribute to Provia’s stellar reputation. They come in custom designs and are both aesthetically pleasing while being durable and energy efficient.

Exterior Doors

Many patio and glass doors used to have trouble with energy efficiency since glass used to be a poor insulator. Modern glass doors today including Peter L Brown’s installations of patio doors in Hartford CT have a thermal layer of plastic between the inside and outside of the door frame. Air leakage around doors is inevitable to some degree as weatherstripping wears down, but with their replacement doors you can have full protection from outside elements.



Window Replacement for Energy Conservation


If you are looking to lower your energy bills, energy efficient window replacement in Hartford CT can help you get back 70 to 80 percent significantly improve the market value of your home. Windows can be repaired to deliver more energy efficiency, or you can purchase brand new windows from Peter L. Brown that are custom made to fit your home’s needs. Using quality Ply Gem Vinyl replacement windows, you can have low maintenance, energy efficient window with different color combinations and styles to choose from.

If you are interested in new doors or windows that will perform great, are beautifully designed and save you on energy, then contact Peter L. Brown today! Their doors are professional looking, strong and come in many materials from steel to fiberglass. Your home can also benefit from their custom windows to maximize curb appeal. When you are looking to save on energy, a new door or replacement windows can help to dramatically improve energy costs and indoor comfort!