Be smarter in this smart world!

Be smarter in this smart world!

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Transferring our belongings and expensive accessories without any breakage and damage is a difficult job. Migrating from one place to another is not a new thing in today’s world. But packing and moving things sounds easy but not that easy.

Even I used to think that it is an easy and interesting task but when my friend once shifted to a new house then we all planned to help her. We removed all her belongings and started packing. There were bundle of things which needed to be packed safely and in a way that they won’t be damaged. It almost took two to three days for packing everything and place in a box. We somehow managed to place all the boxes in the vehicle without causing any damage but the real problem which we faced was moving them to the new house. During that process we caused some damages on her things and the major problem was we didn’t remember that which things were placed on which box.

It almost took her one month to set her house the way she needed and also purchase new things which were damaged by us. Later after few months one of our other friend also had shift to a new house as he was staying quite far from the office. But as soon as we heard of his shifting, it was for sure that we will not participate in shifting process and even he didn’t wish to damage his things and waste time so he brought up a new idea!

Smart world smart ideas!

He his always considered as a smart person in our friends group. Whenever we face any problem or create a problem, he is the one whom we all rely. After two weeks we asked him about the shifting plan and the answer shocked us.

He had shifted all his things and also placed all of them very easily without even taking our help. The reason which made us shock was nothing else but earlier when we helped our friend for transferring the things, we all had to take many leave in our office and even she took a medical leave for around two weeks to place everything in the normal place. This time, he had already shifted his things and also placed his belongings in a neat and proper way without even taking a leave. After visiting his house and gaining information about the packer and mover service we really felt that he is smart and also very intelligent.

Although he had informed us about booking a packer and mover service, we never imagined that they completes the task very easily. After some months one of my relative planned to settle in bangalore. They asked me to help for packing their things. As I was very much excellent in packing things I didn’t turn to that side instead I helped them by informing about a smart idea and that was packer and mover service. When they searched for a packer and mover service, they could find many companies who provided this facility and it was very difficult to select one of the best among them. They contacted me to suggest the best service provider and as always I took the help of my smart friend. He gave me a detailed information regarding the packer and mover service and also exclaimed that every service providers assures to give you the best service but very few keep their promise true.

He suggested me a service provider named Shipler and also told to surf other service providers too. Even though I personally didn’t use the service but I was definitely sure about their service because I had viewed their work and also knew that my smart friend won’t select a bad service. So I confidently suggested them Shipler and created a smart image in front of them.

They were fully satisfied with the shipler’s packer and mover service in Pune and also thanked me for suggesting them a clever idea and shipler. Even today whenever someone plans to shift to other place I suggest them Shipler. After their positive feedbacks even I also feel to shift from here and enjoy the packer and mover service.  


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