- in Bathroom

Designing a new bathroom or changing the designs of an old bathroom could be a herculean task. This is due to the fact that a lot of things have to be considered and well mapped out to avoid any hitch. It may be difficult to make any amendments if the fixing of the bathroom has been done halfway or even completed.

It is better to have a picture of what you want in mind before starting out. There are psychedelic designs on the internet and magazines that you can choose from. The size of the room, your budget, the accessories, is it for personal or family use, the design are parts of the things you take into consideration when designing your bathroom.

Remodeling Your Old Bathroom

Remodeling your old bathroom will come with some difficulties because of the already existing fittings and plunbings which may be hard to remove and replace. To make it easier, you may need to get a list of those things you already have and mapped those you want to upgrade as well as the new ones you want to add. Reconfiguring the outlets may be easier but changing the layout will not come easy and may cost you more money.

The types of layout are mentioned later in this article.

Designing  A New Bathroom

Designing an entirely new bathroom may be time consuming but it is necessary to take your time and get things done properly to avoid any last minute hitch. Get a picture of how you want your bathroom to look like and list all the accessories like the bathtub, hand basin, shower arm, a shower head and standard toilet, as well as the lighting.

To get started with your bathroom design follow the below tips:

Know the size of your bathroom

Knowing the size and how spacious your bathroom is actually the right the point to start from. You can know that by measuring the length and the width of your bathroom with a tape measure.

Choose your layout

Choosing the layout you want will enable you to determine how your bathroom floor will fit in properly to the wet-wall layouts. A wet-wall layouts usually refers to how your bathroom fittings – bathtub, showers, flushing toilet and basin are plumbed into the bathroom.

A one wet-wall layout is where all your fittings are fitted along the same wall in the bathroom, a two wet-wall enables you to have  your fittings fixed on two different walls in the bathroom, while the three wet-wall means you can fix your fittings on three different walls in the bathroom.


It is necessary to have enough lighting in the bathroom to avoid accident and provide adequate illumination. You can put over your mirror or either side of the mirror.


This is very important to avoid slips and falls. A water-proof and non-skid materials is preferable. Tiles are most commonly used nowadays but go for those that are without glossy finish.