Bathroom Remodeling Solutions to Maximize Your House Flipping ROI

Bathroom Remodeling Solutions to Maximize Your House Flipping ROI

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When it comes to house flipping, it’s all about the profit margin. No flip is worth doing if there isn’t a profit to be made. Updating the bathrooms can add tremendous value to an investment property, but only if the updates are done correctly. This guide explains which bathroom remodeling services have a maximum return on investment so you know how to spend your money during your next house flip.

An Ugly or Outdated Bathtub

Chips and stains in the bottom of a bathtub are an instant sign of age. Replacing the tub entirely will open a can of worms that most house flippers don’t want to deal with. Unless you plan on moving the bathtub to a new location, you’re much better off refinishing the bathtub than replacing it.

Even though a new bathtub may cost as little as a couple hundred dollars; demolition alone can eat up your budget. And then there are other things to consider like installation, plumbing, tile and caulking. All said and done – a new bathtub can end up costing thousands.

Bathtub refinishing adds a new glaze to the surface of the tub that gives it a like-new look and feel for a fraction of the cost of replacing. Any chips or small cracks in the tub will be filled in and the surface is smoothed out before the coating goes on. The resulting surface will look smooth and new, and it won’t require any time-consuming demolition. Most bathtub refinishing companies also provide new caulking to complete the job. This allows you to get the house flipped fast so you can profit from your investment.

Bathroom Vanity

The vanity in the bathroom is one of the elements that date the home. If you have an older vanity with equally old countertops, there are different ways to renovate without breaking the bank. You can paint or stain the vanity base to fit today’s trends (espresso stains, grey paint, white paint, and black paint), and you can refinish or replace the countertops to tie everything together.

If the old vanity is an old shape or it is too bulky for the space, you may consider getting a new one. This may only cost you a couple hundred dollars, or it may cost over a grand. It depends on what approach you take with your bathroom remodeling and what you think your buyers will want. Weigh the cost and time required to replace the vanity altogether or work with what you have, and then select the option that’s best for your flip.

New Faucets and Fixtures

Faucets and fixtures are fairly inexpensive, and they instantly make a bathroom look bright and new. Popular finishes today include brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and copper. If your investment property has dated chrome or brass fixtures, this is a great bathroom remodeling solution for you. Just make sure you stay consistent with all of the finishes you choose.

Your door and drawer hardware on the vanity should match the other fixtures you replace, including the toilet paper holder, towel rings, and other elements you may not think about right away. These small details will make the bathroom look cohesive, which will be a big selling point for potential buyers.

New Tile or Tile Refinishing

Depending on what your plans are for the bathroom, you can either replace the tile or refinish the tile that’s already there. Tile refinishing is great in the shower area because you can eliminate grout lines and make the tile compliment the colors of the bathtub. If there is tile all over the bathroom though, including the walls, you may need to take down some of the tile and put up drywall instead. Full tile bathrooms were popular a few decades ago, but they do not fit the needs of today’s buyers.

Updated Lighting

Replacing a vanity light fixture is easy to do, and it adds so much character to the bathroom. Once again, the light should match the finish on the other bathroom fixtures, and it should follow the same aesthetic as the rest of the bathroom. If you have clean, sleek lines throughout the bathroom, you wouldn’t want to use an ornate light fixture. The pieces need to complement each other and the overall design of the home.

Framed Mirrors

If you have unframed mirrors in the bathroom, add trim to the edges to make them look more professional. You could also replace the mirrors altogether if they do not fit the plan for your bathroom remodeling. For example, if you want to convert a single sink vanity into a double sink vanity, you may need a small mirror above each sink rather than a large mirror centered above the vanity. The frame on the mirror should tie in with the trim, the vanity color, or some other element of the bathroom.

Home Staging

Home staging is a proven way to increase the sales potential of your home. The goal here is to set the home up so that a buyer can picture himself or herself living in the space. There are lots of factors that go into this process, but the main goal is to clear out the clutter and draw attention to key features. In the bathroom, that means putting away everything on the countertops and adding a few small accents to make the space come to life. A hand towel, a small piece of art, and a beautiful soap dispenser may be all you need to show off your stylish bathroom without spending money on a professional stager.

Other Bathroom Remodeling Tips for House Flippers

Homebuyers love seeing matching bathrooms and kitchens. If you use similar finishes and colors in the bathrooms and kitchen, you will appeal to more buyers. As with everything in house flipping, neutral colors are ideal. You want the home to appeal to the widest possible pool of buyers, so you have the best chance at selling it for a profit.

If you make the right bathroom remodeling decisions, you can see a great return on investment for your investment property. Use the tips above to guide you during your next adventure.