Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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The bathroom is one of the main spaces in residential properties that homeowners remodel due to how much use they get out of the room. Remodeling the bathroom can increase the appeal of the setting and can also boost the resale value of the home once it’s completed. When you’re planning your bathroom remodel, there are a few ideas to consider when designing the personalized space.

Install a Pedestal Tub

Consider making your bathroom look high-end with a pedestal tub that is installed, which will work as the focal point of the setting. A vintage clawfoot pedestal tubs will allow you to add a vintage touch to the space, which will look beautiful under a window or near a backsplash. You can also add a minimal tub that is modern and sleek while removing a pre-existing shower in the room.

Add Marble to the Countertops

Enhance the style of your bathroom by installing marble or quartz to your countertops, which will create an upscale look that is stylish and chic. Marble is one of the top materials to use on countertops and has a high level of durability. It will look beautiful when paired with gold or brass hardware that is installed on the cabinets.

Paint the Cabinets

You can consider installing new cabinets in your bathroom, but if you’re on a budget, opt for painting the cabinets with a pop of color. More people are transforming their cabinets with color shades that include blush, green, and blue. Restraining the wood can also give the feature a makeover and will allow it to look new again.

Install a Floating Vanity

Consider installing a floating vanity, which will increase the amount of visual space that is available and will allow the bathroom to look modern. Choose a dark wood on the cabinets with sleek cabinet pulls, which will set the tone and style of the room. Additional lighting that is installed overhead will draw more attention to the floating vanity and will allow it to become the centerpiece of the room.

Use Tiles with Unique Shapes

Make a statement with the tiles that are used on your bathroom floor by selecting tiles that have a hexagon shape. Tiles that have a unique design will look contemporary and stylish and are affordable to purchase for your bathroom remodel. Gray penny tiles are also a popular option and can flow from your bathroom shower walls to the floor, which will allow the space to feel more light and airy.

Add Mosaic Tilework

One of the top bathroom remodeling ideas to try is to add mosaic tilework on the walls, which will create the illusion of extra height in the room and will look like wallpaper. The tiles are extremely durable and can last for many years to ensure that the bathroom maintains its appeal and design over time. Choose three or four colors of tiles to install for extra contrast that is appealing and has movement.

An iridescent backsplash will also make the room appear larger by reflecting more light throughout the room.

If you want to discover more bathroom remodeling ideas and find the right contractors to hire in the local area, visit when getting started on your project.