Bathroom Planning Ideas For Design Beginners

Bathroom Planning Ideas For Design Beginners

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We’re not all experts when it comes to interior design, and it can be hard to know what to do when you’re unhappy with what your home looks like. And sometimes, more importantly, what it does for you in terms of functionality and benefits. Certain additions can lead to increased energy efficiency, more relaxation or health-boosting effects.

So what are some solutions for the most common problems we have with our bathrooms? Here we give some suggestions, so you can decide for yourself what you’re going to need to change to get the result you want.  

  • What if you don’t have enough space?

Small bathrooms are a common issue people face, so how can you have a space you enjoy using without it feeling cramped. The first thing to do is to choose small fixtures. There are some tiny sinks and storage solutions out there, so seek them out. If you have a lot of height but not a lot of width, think about installing floating shelves that extend to the ceiling to store fancy smellies and towels.

If you really need more space for teeth-brushing and face-washing in the morning, but can’t install multiple sinks, don’t worry! You can get a trough-style sink that extends from one wall to another, with multiple faucets that feed into one drain. This is also an ideal space to put storage underneath. Woven baskets are popular as they look stylish and are deceptively large.

  • Humidity problems?

One of the biggest problems people have with their bathrooms, that can be solved by design solutions, is having too much humidity. Of course, in an ideal world, you have a fan powerful enough to whisk away all of the wet air produced by showers and baths, but this isn’t the case for us all. For a quick and easy solution, get a plant that thrives on humidity and will absorb it for you like a peace lily, reed palm or English Ivy.

The first thing to do is to make sure you have the right kinds of windows. You want those that open enough to let out the humidity, but not so much that your neighbours get an eyeful. Since this is usually only one window, ask a window company how much it would cost. New windows don’t have to be super expensive when you’re only getting one.

  • Want to save money?

Bathrooms use a lot of water and electricity in general, because we like them to be warm, well-lit and we like our water to be warm and abundant. Obviously to save money on utility bills, these need to be cut down. But can it be done in an imperceivable way? In some circumstances, yes! You can replace your taps with low-water use ones, and you can even adjust some shower-head settings to give out less water. Low-flow faucets are amazing for this.

Another thing to invest in could be more efficient radiators, or even a new boiler entirely if your one is often on the fritz. Often the reason for high energy and water bills is inefficient components. It costs money to have these checked out and replaced, but it’s worth it in the long run, especially if you haven’t done this in a while.

  • Bored of your colour palette?

Bathrooms can get a bit boring after a while if they are just pure white, or the colour palette has become a bit too confusing over time. People make additions, we buy things on a whim and at the end of the day, there’s no consistency. This is resolved by strategic disposal of things that can be replaced to fit the colour palette you have defined.

Whether you want neutral tones or splashes of colour, there is plenty of inspiration to be found online. Try painting an accent wall, or buying little things like soap dishes or towles in your colour of choice. This is a way to test out whether you like this or that colour without fully committing. Of course, this can be done over a long period of time so you don’t spend lots of money all at once.

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