Basic Kitchen Renovation Tips

Basic Kitchen Renovation Tips

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When you are getting ready to renovate your kitchen, you have so much to think about that you might miss something important. For example, imagine preparing a meal. How efficient do you want to be? Try to make sure you install all the important stations close enough together, so you can make cooking easier and faster. Read on for more tips on your kitchen renovation.

Eliminate Clutter

If your current countertops are always cluttered and messy, maybe you want to start all over in your new kitchen and get rid of all that potential clutter. One way to achieve this is to hang hooks and shelves right onto your kitchen backsplash so you can keep essentials within reach while keeping them off your countertops.

Keep Stains Off

When you are planning your kitchen renovation, it’s important to incorporate both your personal style and practicality into your plans. Quartz countertops help you achieve both. Choose a colour and design that will not only pull your kitchen together, but also hide stains. Same goes for your kitchen backsplash. There’s a reason they are called “backsplashes.” Splashes happen, but stains don’t have to. Consider a dark colour for both your countertops and backsplashes.

Build an Island

A kitchen island is a wonderful asset the kitchen: space for appliances, extra sink, storage space, and an eating area. The kitchen island has it all. When you are preparing for your kitchen renovation, consider an island, or at least a peninsula that juts out from the wall. A peninsula can offer almost as much space as an island can, but it is more suitable for a smaller kitchen.

Add Smart Counterspace

People don’t realize how much they use their counters. Think about coming home from the grocery store. Where are you going to put the bags down while you empty them? Make sure you have at least 15 inches of counter space next to the fridge.

Hire a Designer

You may think that going about it alone makes the most financial sense, but hiring a designer may save you money in the long run. Not only can you talk out your kitchen renovation plans with a professional and avoid making costly mistakes that you have to fix, your designer will also have the inside scoop on where the bargains are.

Planning your kitchen renovation should be fun and not intimidating. Follow our tips and you will do it right the first time.