Balcony waterproofing

Balcony waterproofing

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Balconies are one of the most beautiful outside features out of any home, and they have been so for many years and by many years i mean centuries have passed since humanity discovered how convenient it is to be able to overlook a larger area from above and on top that it is also true that we have found ways to make the balcony more than function, it can be seen in the palace of Versailles how intricately Louis XIV had his balconies made and in today’s day and age it can be seen in any modern structure just how much we appreciate the simplicity of a window you can hang out on. However beautiful they are though it’s no secret that they require some unique maintenance challenges to those who have to deal with them be it homeowners or commercial property managers.

While poorly maintained balconies can pose a serious threat to the structural stability of a building by having water leak through it into the walls of the building or by becoming slippery when wet. It is more concerning that someone could be on it after water damage has destroyed the structural stability of the balcony itself causing them serious injury or death, in order to avoid Balcony should be built at a slight angle towards where the draining system for the balcony is, even when the balcony has already been built and these safety features were not implemented there is still things that can be done such as. Installing a screed beneath the waterproofing layer so that water runs of and isn’t given a chance to form puddles

Now when it comes to preventing any of this damage from actually occurring then all you have to do at that point is simply waterproof your balcony in order to do this you must apply waterproofing systems to your balcony it should be noted that waterproofing systems should not be applied to screeds that have not been well-cured first otherwise there is a possibility of cracks appearing due to shrinkage from the waterproofing system this can cause structural damage to the balcony. Though there are ways to make the system applicable even before the screeds have been well cured by adding binders on the substrates. Additionally waterproofing systems should add structural stability to your structure.

You should always remember that the balcony waterproofing methods should be applied by professionals the reason for this is that it’s a complicated process that needs to be done right the first time in order to prevent corrosive agents to seep through the cracks of a poorly done waterproofing job. You can always count on the professionals at Acadian roofing to be there for you when you need them they will work with you to make sure that your balcony waterproofing is done not only well but that it is done right the first time so that you can avoid any unnecessary pains in the future that may be caused by a poor job being done.

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